Power Test with Oscilloscopes

An oscilloscope is an ideal power test tool e.g. for characterizing and testing linear or switching power supplies, motor controls or other power electronics. Below a list of all news related to power test:



Oscilloscope Days Event in April

RS OscilloscopeDays18 March 2024 - Rohde & Schwarz announced that its popular Oscilloscope Days educational event will return for two days, April 17 to 18, 2024. Experts from Rohde & Schwarz and partner companies will present the latest updates on fundamentals and test features for engineers using next-generation oscilloscopes, covering topics such as power electronics and EMC, as well as signal and power integrity.

High Definition Oscilloscopes with up to 500 MHz Bandwidth

Yokogawa DLM5000HD14 August 2023 - Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corporation released the DLM5000HD series high definition oscilloscopes. Positioned as a high-performance version of the DLM5000 series, the DLM5000HD series expands Yokogawa’s oscilloscope lineup with 500 MHz and 350 MHz frequency bandwidth models that deliver higher resolution for more accurate waveform analysis, and come with features that improve usability and enable easier setup.

GW Instek launched new Digital Storage Oscilloscope Series

GWI GDS 3000A17 October 2022 - GW Instek announced the launch of a new flagship product of digital oscilloscopes, the GDS-3000A series, which has the maximum frequency bandwidth of 650MHz, a real-time sampling rate of up to 5GSa/s and a memory length of 200M points per channel, and a 10.2-inch display. The GDS-3000A series features a power analysis kit which provides 13 measurement functions dedicated to power measurement.

Isolated Channel PC Oscilloscope

CS CS54817 June 2022 - Cleverscope introduced the CS548, a 2kV DC isolated channel oscilloscope designed to be useful anywhere isolation and high CMRR are needed - in particular power electronics, including on the high side. Using the CS1200 IsoPod allows a >30kV isolation. The new CS548 features 100 dB CMRR at 50 MHz, Frequency Response Analysis, Component LCR measurement, MSPS streaming to disk for days, high resolution spectra, sophisticated maths, Matlab and Excel live, external sampling clock, Ethernet or USB, Isolated Signal Generator, and mixed signal capture.

SIGLENT presents new Handheld Oscilloscope Series

Siglent SHS800X26 April 2022 - SIGLENT Technologies introduced its two new X-Series of handheld oscilloscopes. These instruments replace the well-known SHS800 and SHS1000 series. The oscilloscopes feature two analog input channels and are available with analog bandwidths of 100 and 200 MHz. Both channels share a single ADC with 1 GSa/s maximum sample rate, and a single memory module of 12 Mpts acquisition memory. Beside the analog oscilloscope channels every model includes an isolated multimeter with 6000 counts and all multimeter typical measurements types like DC/AC Voltage, DC/AC Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Diodes, and Continuity.

Accurate Measurement System for GaN and SiC Semiconductor Analysis

TLC DL ISO19 April 2022 – Teledyne LeCroy launched a new DL-ISO High Voltage Optically Isolated 1 GHz Probe and Power-Device test software, which when combined with their High Definition Oscilloscopes (HDO) offer the most accurate electrical characterization of gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductor devices. The new probe has the best signal fidelity, lowest overshoot and best accuracy — 1.5% when combined with Teledyne LeCroy’s industry-leading 12-bit resolution HDOs, nearly twice as good as the only competitor. The 1 GHz bandwidth meets requirements to measure GaN device 1 ns rise times.

Tektronix enhances existing 5 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Tek S5new11 January 2022 -- Tektronix launched a new version of its 5 Series mixed-signal oscilloscope (MSO). The new B version includes several updates, such as a new auxiliary trigger input that lets users synchronize the oscilloscope to an external signal without consuming any of the 4, 6, or 8 full-capability input channels. For the optional, built-in arbitrary/function generator, the maximum frequency output increases from 50 MHz to 100 MHz, enabling higher frequency stimulus for measurements such as Bode plots and impedance measurements. These new capabilities are invaluable for making fast, thorough checks of power integrity on power distribution networks.

Instantaneous abg and dq0 Transformations on three-phase Acquisitions

TLC MMA04 August 2021 – Teledyne LeCroy introduced instantaneous abg (Clarke) and dq0 (Park) waveform transformations to Motor Drive Analyzers and High-definition Oscilloscopes (HDOs) for motor control system analysis, cutting the time required to develop motor drives, PV inverters or power controllers. The dq0 Transformation software package is supported on MDA 8000HD, WaveRunner 8000HD, WavePro HD and HDO6000B oscilloscopes.

Collection of Measurement Data from multiple Instruments

Yokogawa IS800003 March 2021 - Yokogawa Test & Measurement released the IS8000 integrated measurement software platform for the control of and the collection of data and generation of reports from multiple measuring instruments. The IS8000 software combines the functions of software that had previously been provided for individual measuring instruments and is able to provide total support for all measurement tasks, from the connection of instruments to the creation of reports, thus helping to improve product development efficiency.

Oscilloscope Probes for high Frequency, high Voltage and low Current Analysis

Yokogawa 701978 differential probes26 November 2020 - Yokogawa launched a new range of high frequency, high voltage differential oscilloscope probes, combining proven features of its existing probes with new capabilities. The new range replaces six probes with three, offering a simpler choice for development engineers looking to test high performance systems. Recent trends for higher voltages in electric vehicles, railway inverters, new energy sources such as renewable solar and high-voltage commercial power lines such as 400 Vrms have shown the need for oscilloscope probes that can handle these high voltages.

Isolated Oscilloscope Probes for Testing Power Systems

Tek IsoVu Gen227 October 2020 -- Tektronix announced its second-generation IsoVu Isolated Oscilloscope Probes, the TIVP Series, which significantly advance the capabilities of the ground-breaking probes first introduced in 2016. The second-generation IsoVu probes extend the applications for isolated probe technology to the entire power system design market with a smaller size, improved ease of use, and enhanced electrical performance.

Measuring Power Supply Noise Rejection in Oscillators

RS FSWP03 February 2020 – Epson and Rohde & Schwarz developed a test procedure for measuring power supply noise rejection to bring clarity and precision to real-world signal integrity design challenges. The companies demonstrated the procedure and summarized data from Epson’s SG3225EEN low noise differential crystal oscillator measured by the R&S FSWP phase noise analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz at DesignCon 2020 in January.

Measuring and Evaluating Switching Parameters of SiC, GaN Power Devices

Tek AFG31000s23 October 2019 - Tektronix offers a new software plugin for its AFG31000 Arbitrary/Function Generator that makes it possible to perform crucial double pulse testing in less than a minute, saving a significant amount of time when compared to alternative methods. Measurements are taken with an oscilloscope.

Motor Drive Analyzer with 8 analog Channels

TLC mda8000hd03 October 2019 – Teledyne LeCroy announced its new MDA 8000HD Motor Drive Analyzers, which leverage the new WaveRunner 8000HD High Definition Oscilloscope (HDO) platform of 8 analog channels, 12-bit vertical resolution at all times, up to 5 Gigapoints of acquisition memory (1.25 Gigapoints on all 8 channels), 10 GS/s sample rate, and bandwidths up to 2 GHz.

Isolated Current Probe for Motor and Grid Measurements

Saker HVCP Probe16 September 2019 - SAKER announces the world’s first Rogowski fiber isolated current probe for measuring AC currents in high voltage areas, power electronics, medium voltage motors and electric grids. Its main applications are medium voltage power quality, distribution grids and medium voltage drives testing.

3-Phase Power Analysis Software for Evaluation of Power-Conversion Systems

TLC 3Phase08 February 2019 - Teledyne LeCroy launched its 3-Phase Power Analysis software package, which brings 1-phase and 3-phase static and dynamic power analysis to its HDO8000A, HDO6000A and WavePro HD 12-bit High Definition oscilloscopes.

2000 A AC flex Current Probe

Pico Flex Current Probe23 November 2018 - Pico Technology introduced the TA368 Pico D9 flex current probe. The TA368 is a flexible AC current probe utilizing the Rogowski principle and featuring a built-in integrator. Equipped with the Pico D9 probe interface, it is designed exclusively for use with the PicoScope 4444 Differential Oscilloscope, which powers the probe and automatically sets the PicoScope software to the correct range and units.

Isolated High Voltage 4-Ch 200MHz Oscilloscope

Cleverscope CS448b19 November 2018 - The Cleverscope CS448 is a isolated four-channel 200MHz 14-bit oscilloscope designed to measure high voltage, fast slew-rate signals such as those in a full or three-phase power electronic switching bridge. With new 300MHz 200x probes it can now handle 1600V signals to cope with the latest SiC MOSFETs.

SPMI Protocol Decode Solution

Tek spmi decoding19 July 2018 - Tektronix introduced protocol decode, triggering and analysis support for the MIPI Alliance's System Power Management Interface (SPMI) for its 5 and 6 Series MSO mixed signal oscilloscopes. The new software option takes advantage of the leading-edge capabilities of these oscilloscopes including the touch-based setup and large 15.6-in HD display for showing multiple buses and low-noise power rail voltages.

Differential Probes for Measurements up to 6000 VRMS

TLC HVD3000A16 April 2018 – Teledyne LeCroy introduced its HVD3000A series of high-voltage differential probes—the 1-kV safety-rated HVD310XA, the 2-kV safety-rated HVD3206A and the 6-kV safety-rated HVD3605A. These new probes serve the complete spectrum of power-electronics applications while providing 1% gain accuracy, a differential-voltage range of up to 1500 V (DC + peak AC), and high offset ranges.

New Probes for Power Measurements

RS RT ZPR4031 January 2018 - Rohde & Schwarz broadens its oscilloscope probe portfolio for power measurements by introducing the R&S RT-ZPR40 power rail probe with 4 GHz bandwidth and the new R&S RT-ZHD high voltage differential probes. The R&S RT-ZHD probes are designed for complex measurements on state-of-the-art power electronics with voltages up to 6000 V.


Portable digital Oscilloscopes with Bandwidths from 60 MHz to 300 MHz

CA SCOPIX IV28 November 2017 - The new, stand-alone, portable, IP54, METRIX SCOPIX IV oscilloscopes are equipped with channels which are genuinely isolated from one another and from the earth with 600 V CAT III safety. They offer all the analysis modes: multimeter, analyser, recorder and viewing of the files recorded on the oscilloscope. Designed and developed using the latest cutting-edge technology, their ergonomic format ensures optimum user comfort.

New Power Analysis and Serial Trigger/Decode Options

Tek CurrentHarmonics15 November 2017 – Tektronix released new options for the 5 Series MSO mixed signal oscilloscope including a power analysis solution, Automotive Ethernet testing solution, and serial trigger and decode solutions for the aerospace and automotive markets. These new solutions take full advantage of key 5 Series MSO innovations including up to 8 input channels, 12-bit resolution and its massive high-definition capacitive touch display and highly intuitive Direct Access user interface.

Isolated Current Probe for Oscilloscopes

CA MH6004 October 2017 - CHAUVIN ARNOUX introduced an isolated AC+DC current probe which works with all oscilloscopes. It features a bandwidth of 1 MHz, multiple filters, 8-hour battery life, etc. The MH60 sensor is designed for use with an oscilloscope in total simplicity. Simply clamp the cable and measure. It can be used for wide-band current measurements up to 100 A (AC+DC).

High Voltage Differential Probes

Micsig DP Series18 July 2017 - Micsig, a designer and producer of tablet and handheld oscilloscopes, introduced high voltage differential probes featuring a bandwidth of up to 100 MHz and a maximum differential test voltage (DC+ Peak AC) of up to 1300 V. The probes also offer a switchable attenuation of 50X and 500X.

Tektronix enhances its IsoVu Probe Portfolio

Tek IsoVu 218 May 2017 – In 2016, Tektronix set a new standard for power measurements by introducing IsoVu, a high performance, isolated measurement system with revolutionary 120 dB (1 Million-to-1) common mode rejection. Featuring six new models, the IsoVu family portfolio now includes products with both large differential and common mode voltage ranges. Users can now accurately measure a wide range of differential signals (5 mV to > 1,000 V) from DC to 800 MHz in the presence of large common mode voltages up to 60 kV.

400 A Current Clamp for use with USB Oscilloscope

TiePie TP CC40012 May 2017 - TiePie engineering has added a new current clamp to its product portfolio, the Current Clamp TP-CC400. The Current Clamp will allow to measure electrical currents up to 400 A AC/DC. When measuring with this current clamp, there is no need to break a closed circuit or to affect the isolation. The wide jaws allow performing measurements on conductors up to 20 mm.

100MHz Bandwidth High-Voltage differential Probes

Acute ADP110010 May 2017 - Acute announced its new 100MHz bandwidth high-voltage differential probes: the ADP1100, the ADP2100 and the ADP5100. These probes with good CMRR and low noise floor performance, apply to high-volatge/floating/reference-potential and are better for measuring the MOSFET signal of switching power.

USB Oscilloscope with four 1kV Isolated Channels

Cleverscope CS44808 May 2017 - Cleverscope launched the new CS448 oscilloscope with four 1kV isolated channels and 200 MHz bandwidth. It is designed for applications where isolation is needed - in particular power electronics. Each channel is isolated from the other, and ground, to 1kV working voltage. The common mode rejection ratio is >100 dB at 50 MHz. The Oscilloscope uses 14 bit ADCs at 500 MSPS to give very good dynamic range, with a noise floor below 100 dBV.

Single- and 3-phase flexible AC Current Probes

Pico TA32624 March 2017 - Pico Technology launched the TA325 and TA326 flex current probes, which use Rogowski coil technology to measure AC currents up to 3000 A. Clamp-on current probes or “current clamps” enable you to measure currents without breaking the electrical circuit. Current clamps are designed with jaws that can be opened, placed around the conductor and clamped shut to form a magnetic loop around the conductor.

Additional Power Probe Channels for Oscilloscopes

RS RT ZVC0220 March 2017 - Rohde & Schwarz introduced the R&S RT-ZVC02/04 multichannel power probe. The R&S RT-ZVC02 power probe offers two current and two voltage channels, the R&S RT-ZVC04 four current and four voltage channels in addition to the analog oscilloscope channels. Up to two R&S RT-ZVC02/04 probes can be connected to an R&S RTE or R&S RTO oscilloscope for up to 16 additional test channels. This allows automatic testing of even critical power-up sequences on CPU mainboards and FPGA circuits.

Oscilloscope Probe with large Offset Range and DC Voltmeter

RS RT ZPR2030 January 2017 - The R&S RT-ZPR20 of Rohde & Schwarz is a new, extremely low-noise power rail probe with a bandwidth of 2 GHz. Its 1:1 attenuation also ensures very good sensitivity. The large offset range of ± 60 V permits analysis of the smallest disturbance signals during power integrity measurements, even on DC power supplies with a high voltage level. The probe also features an integrated high-precision DC voltmeter.

Teledyne LeCroy launches High Voltage optically Isolated Probe

TLC HVO Probe16 January 2017 - Teledyne LeCroy announces the new HVFO high voltage fiber-optically isolated oscilloscope probe. The HVFO probe further extends Teledyne LeCroy’s market leadership in the power electronics market, adding to other unique solutions such as the only HV differential probe rated for 1500Vdc common-mode testing, the industry’s only 8-channel, 12-bit resolution oscilloscopes, and Motor Drive Analyzers for three-phase electrical and mechanical power measurements.

Teledyne LeCroy launches Active Voltage Rail Probe and SPMI Decoder

TLC RP403014 November 2016 – Teledyne LeCroy launched two new products – the RP4030 active voltage rail probe and an industry first MIPI System Power Management Interface (SPMI) serial decoder. The RP4030 probe measures small signal variations on a DC power/voltage rail, while the SPMI decoder monitors and correlates SPMI serial bus messages with DC power/voltage rail changes. These two products are ideal for testing line or battery-powered computing and embedded systems that use digital power management ICs (PMICs) to reduce power consumption and increase system efficiency.

Oscilloscope Probe for Voltages in the Millivolt Range

RS Passiver Tastkopf04 November 2016 - The new R&S RT-ZP1X passive 1:1 probe from Rohde & Schwarz f is ideal for measuring smallest signals down to 1 mV/div, e.g. for power integrity measurements on integrated circuits and components. The new passive 1:1 probe is precisely matched to the R&S RTE (up to 2 GHz) and the R&S RTO1000/2000 (up to 4 GHz) oscilloscopes.

Teledyne LeCroy previewed HV Fiber-Optically Isolated Probe

TLC HVFO21 September 2016 – Teledyne LeCroy previewed the new HVFO high voltage fiber-optically isolated oscilloscope probe at the IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Expo (ECCE) 2016 exhibition in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA). The HVFO is an affordable, optimally designed probe for measurement of small signals floating on a HV bus in power electronics designs. Optical isolation between the probe tip and the oscilloscope input reduces adverse loading of the device under test (DUT); and also reduces noise, distortion, ringing, overshoots, and transients on the measured signal.

Measure high Frequency Motor Drive Common-Mode Currents

PEM CMC03 May 2016 - Power Electronic Measurements (PEM) Ltd launched new non-contact current probes for measuring HF common mode currents in Variable Frequency Drives (VSDs) used to control AC motors. The new CMC series of current probes, using Rogowski technology, empower engineers to assess the magnitude of the threat posed by HF common-mode currents, that can damage motor bearings and interfere with nearby electrical equipment.

Harmonics Calculation Option for Motor Drive Analyzers

TLC hdo8k motordrive series09 November 2015 – Teledyne LeCroy offers a new Harmonics Calculation option for the Motor Drive Analyzer (MDA800) series. This optional software package enhances the standard capabilities of the Motor Drive Analyzer software by adding advanced harmonic filtering for AC Input and Drive Output Numeric table measurements; Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) measurement parameters for voltage, current, and power; and a new Harmonic Order table with Spectral waveform displays. The Motor Drive Analyzer is built on the 8 channel/12-bit HDO8000 oscilloscope platform.

High-Sensitivity Current Probes with up to 120 MHz Bandwidth

Yokogawa current probe 70191704 November 2015 - Yokogawa launched two new high-sensitivity current probes a for its families of mixed-signal oscilloscopes and ScopeCorders. The 701917, covering a frequency range from DC to 50 MHz, and the 701918, covering DC to 120 MHz, offer sensitivities ten times higher than previous models (typically 1 V/A) along with low noise levels of typically 60 µA RMS. They are ideally suited to the measurement of low-level currents from about 1 mA to 5 A.

Three new Modules for Yokogawa’s ScopeCorder Family

Yokogawa DL850E modules22 October 2015 -Yokogawa added new products to the range of plug-in measurement modules for Yokogawa’s DL850E/DL850EV ScopeCorder family, bringing the total number of modules available to 19. The new units are the 720211 high-speed (100 MS/s) 12-bit isolation module, the 720243 SENT monitor module (available only for the DL850EV Vehicle Edition ScopeCorder) and the 720254 4-channel 1 MS/s 16-bit isolation module.

Teledyne LeCroy launched 2kV and 8kV High Voltage Differential Probes

Teledyne LeCroy High Voltage Differential Probes15 July 2015 – Teledyne LeCroy introduced two new additions to the HVD3000 series of high voltage differential probes - the 2 kV safety-rated HVD3206 and the 8.4 kV safety-rated HVD3605. Like the existing 1 kV safety-rated HVD310x probes, these new probes provide excellent performance by offering the best gain accuracy, widest differential voltage range, high offset range and exceptional common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR).

Teledyne LeCroy introduces High Sensitivity Current Probes

TLC CP03015 April 2015 – Teledyne LeCroy introduced the CP030A and CP031A high sensitivity current probes featuring a sensitivity down to 1 mA/div allowing users to measure current from the mA range up to a continuous current of 30Arms and peak current of 50A all with the same probe. The probes provide a small form factor for today’s crowded boards. The small jaws can probe currents in tight spaces and still clamp onto conductors up to 5 mm in diameter. The CP030A and CP031A feature a bandwidth of 50 MHz and 100 MHz, respectively.

Oscilloscope Current Probe for up to 50 A and with 100 MHz Bandwidth

RS RT ZC20B02 March 2015 -- Rohde & Schwarz enhances its oscilloscope accessories portfolio with the new R&S RT-ZC20B current probe. At 100 MHz bandwidth, the can measure AC and DC of a maximum 30 A (RMS)/50 A (peak) current with a resolution of 10 mA and low noise. R&S RTO, R&S RTE and R&S RTM oscilloscopes can automatically detect up to four current probes connected in parallel and will also automatically adjust the vertical scaling and zeroing settings. The degaussing function is activated directly on the instrument.

Motor Drive Analyzer based on high Resolution Oscilloscope

TLC hdo8k motordrive series09 February 2015 - Teledyne LeCroy announces the MDA800 Series of Motor Drive Analyzers (MDAs) providing a complete three-phase power analysis from motor drive input through motor mechanical output. The Motor Drive Analyzers (MDAs) are based on the HDO8000 oscilloscope platform and are standard with 8 input channels (16 digital channels optional) with 12-bit resolution, 2.5 GS/s sample rate, up to 1 GHz bandwidth and up to 250 Mpts/ch acquisition memory.

Power Analyzer with Oscilloscope Visualization Capability

Keysight PA2201A02 February 2015 - Keysight Technologies introduced a power analyzer that combines accurate power measurements and touch-driven oscilloscope visualization capability in a single instrument. The Keysight IntegraVision power analyzer features 2 isolated channels for up to 1,000 Vrms and 2-Arms and 50-Arms direct current input – all with 0.05 percent basic accuracy and 16-bit resolution. The power analyzer enables engineers to characterize power consumption under highly dynamic conditions with 5-M samples per second digitizing speed and 2-MHz bandwidth.

Rigol releases Software for Testing Switching Power Supplies

Rigol-MSO-DS2000A28 November 2014 – Rigol Technologies EU has released a new PC Software, which enables users to perform standard measurements on switching power supplies. This software, in combination with Rigol oscilloscopes (series DS/MSO2000A, DS4000 or DS6000) allows customers to set up small test systems, which represent a reasonably priced alternative for measuring switching power supply parameters during the development phase.

High Bandwidth, low Noise Oscilloscope Probe for Power Integrity Measurements

Keysight-N7020A21 November 2014 – Keysight Technologies introduced the industry’s highest bandwidth and lowest noise oscilloscope probe for making power integrity measurements to characterize DC power rails. The new Keysight N7020A power-rail probe specifications are tailored for a wide variety of DC power-rail measurements. Probe specifications include very low noise, a large ± 24-V offset range and 2-GHz bandwidth.

Oscilloscope Probes for High-Voltage Signal Measurements

Keysight-N2804A12 November 2014 – Keysight Technologies introduced 200-, 300- and 500-MHz, high-voltage probing solutions with a wider input range, higher common-mode rejection ratio and optimized accessories. The probes are ideal for testing today’s switching power supplies or power devices and for measuring motor drives and vehicle buses. The Keysight N2804A differential probe offers up to 300-MHz bandwidth and ±300-Vdc + peak AC of the maximum differential input range, allowing engineers to use it for a broad range of power applications.

Oscilloscope Probes for High-Voltage Signal Measurements

Keysight-N2804A05 November 2014 – Keysight Technologies introduced 200-, 300- and 500-MHz, high-voltage probing solutions with a wider input range, higher common-mode rejection ratio and optimized accessories. The probes are ideal for testing today’s switching power supplies or power devices and for measuring motor drives and vehicle buses.

Motor Drive Power Analyzer Software for Oscilloscopes

TLEC Motor Drive Analysis06 October 2014 - Teledyne LeCroy announces three-phase Motor Drive Power Analyzer software for its HDO8000 oscilloscopes. The HDO8000 mixed-signal oscilloscopes, with 8 input channels, 12-bit resolution, and up to 1 GHz bandwidth, are the perfect solution for motor drive embedded control and power section debug. With the addition of three-phase power analyzer capability and motor speed and torque integration, the complete drive system can be more quickly and easily validated and debugged, and extensive drive and motor power and efficiency measurements may be performed.

High Voltage Differential Probes for Oscilloscopes

LeCroy-hvd-family17 July 2014 - Teledyne LeCroy introduced the HVD High Voltage Differential probe series delivering high common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) across a broad frequency range. The new HVD differential probes are safe, easy to use and ideally suited for a variety of power electronics measurements. The wide 1500Vp-p differential voltage range and large offset capability provides maximum flexibility for capturing gate drive and control signals floating on a 1000 Vdc bus. This performance combined with 1% DC and low frequency gain accuracy means the HVD differential probes enable high precision, high voltage measurements.

12-Bit Oscilloscope with 8 Channels and 1 GHz Bandwidth

LeCroy-hdo800025 June 2014 - Teledyne LeCroy announced the HDO8000 oscilloscope product line with 8 analog input channels, 12-bits of vertical resolution utilizing Teledyne LeCroy's HD4096 technology, and up to 1 GHz of bandwidth. The HDO8000 oscilloscopes have maximum performance, going further (8 channels), with finer resolution (12-bits) and faster (up to 1 GHz bandwidth). A wide variety of mixed-signal, serial data, long memory, and probe options and accessories are available with the HDO8000 oscilloscopes.

World’s first Combination of Power-Analyser and Oscilloscope

Yokogawa-PX800016 January 2014 - Yokogawa has combined its world-leading expertise in power measurement and its long heritage in oscilloscope design to create the world’s first Precision Power Scope: the PX8000.The PX8000 brings oscilloscope-style time-based measurement to the world of power measurement. It can capture voltage and current waveforms precisely, opening up applications and solutions for a huge variety of emerging power measurement problems.