Oscilloscope Probes

Oscilloscope probes are a vital link of the measurement chain. Do you need to measure special signals (e.g. high voltage, current, differential, digital,...) and are you looking for a suitable oscilloscope probe? Most oscilloscope suppliers are offering a huge probe portfolio including probes for special applications. Following a list of all news related to oscilloscope probes:



Oscilloscope Probes for Bandwidths up to 52 GHz

Keysight Probes02 February 2024 - Keysight Technologies introduced the InfiniiMax 4 Series high-bandwidth oscilloscope probes, expanding its portfolio of high-frequency probes to cover bandwidths up to 52 GHz. As the industry's only solution with a high-impedance probe head operating at more than 50 GHz, the InfiniiMax 4 series provides digital designers with a turn-key probing solution for high-speed digital, semiconductor, and wafer applications.

Opto-isolated Probes for Signals from ±1V to ±2500V

Micsig SigOFIT22 May 2023 - Saelig Company introduced the Micsig SigoFIT Series Opto-isolated Probes which have excellent amplitude/frequency characteristics and deliver an excellent common mode rejection ratio (CMRR up to 112dB at 100MHz, over 100dB at 500MHz.) The full-range noise floor is 1.1mVrms max, and the 24-hour zero drift is less than 50uV. These SigOFIT probes feature Micsig's exclusive SigOFIT optical isolation technology, remotely powered by laser light or battery, offering extremely high isolation voltage to help engineers to see true, uncorrupted signals within their specified bandwidths.

Oscilloscope Probes are essential parts of the measurement chain

28 February 2023 - The oscilloscope probe is an essential part of the measurement chain. Some measurements would not even be possible without probes e.g. current measurements or high voltage measurements. So don’t forget to have a special look on the probes when you setup a measurement. On OScopes.info we published over the years a large variety of information on oscilloscope probes and probing in different forms: news, whitepapers, application notes, videos and webinars. Following we have compiled an overview for you.

PMK will announce new Probes on electronica 2022

PMK Bumblebee19 October 2022 - PMK announce a number of new probing solutions at the electronica tradeshow (Munich, Germany, 15 to 18 November 2022). The new products will address many of today's measurement challenges in the power electronics, automotive, industrial, and automated test equipment (ATE) space.

Oscilloscope Test Kits for Heavy-Duty Vehicles and Off-Highway Equipment

Pico Kits19 September 2022 - Pico Technology launched a set of new off-highway kits for Heavy-Duty vehicle and Off-Highway (HD-OH) equipment testing built around a dedicated PicoScope oscilloscope. Created for fault diagnosis on trucks, tractors, forklifts, boats, combine harvesters, excavators and more, the off-highway kits contain a modified PS4425A PicoScope having additional protection to better withstand off-highway conditions. The scope is fully supported by Pico Technology’s class-leading, and free, PicoScope 7 Automotive software.

30 MHz High-Voltage Differential Probes

Caltest CT444704 August 2022 - Cal Test Electronics introduced the CT4447 Series of 30 MHz High-Voltage Differential Probes. Two different attenuation settings are offered, covering the most requested voltage ranges. Compatible with oscilloscopes (with 1 MΩ input) from all major manufacturers, the probes can be powered by batteries (included), a universal mains adapter (included), or by the oscilloscope, if USB equipped.

10 kV High-Voltage Oscilloscope Probe

Caltech CT4432 IsoView15 June 2022 - Cal Test Electronics introduced the CT4432 High-Voltage Oscilloscope Probe. The CT4432 has a 10 kV maximum voltage input rating and is cTUVus listed. The CT4432 High-Voltage Oscilloscope Probe enables the user to safely measure voltage levels up to 10 kV. With the Cal Test Electronics name and certification by cTUVus, the user can be confident this test accessory is both reliable and safe. The CT4432 is covered by a two-year warranty.

Accurate Measurement System for GaN and SiC Semiconductor Analysis

TLC DL ISO19 April 2022 – Teledyne LeCroy launched a new DL-ISO High Voltage Optically Isolated 1 GHz Probe and Power-Device test software, which when combined with their High Definition Oscilloscopes (HDO) offer the most accurate electrical characterization of gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductor devices. The new probe has the best signal fidelity, lowest overshoot and best accuracy — 1.5% when combined with Teledyne LeCroy’s industry-leading 12-bit resolution HDOs, nearly twice as good as the only competitor. The 1 GHz bandwidth meets requirements to measure GaN device 1 ns rise times.

PMK opens Office in USA

11 March 2022 - PMK Mess- und Kommunikationstechnik, a German independent manufacturer of electronic test and measurement equipment, opened a subsidiary in USA. Main products of PMK are oscilloscope probes. PMK America Corporation is located in Portland Oregon will provide technical advice for probing challenges and customized probing solutions for customers in the Americas. Many oscilloscope manufacturers outfit their devices with active and passive probes from PMK.

Insulated BNC to 4mm Banana Jack Attenuators

Caltest CT444811 January 2021 - Cal Test introduced three new unique BNC to banana jack attenuating adapters. What is unique is that in addition to being Fully Insulated BNC male to 4 mm Sheathed Banana Jack Adapters, they are ATTENUATING adapters providing 1,000 V CAT II and 600 V CAT III protection.

Oscilloscope Probes for high Frequency, high Voltage and low Current Analysis

Yokogawa 701978 differential probes26 November 2020 - Yokogawa launched a new range of high frequency, high voltage differential oscilloscope probes, combining proven features of its existing probes with new capabilities. The new range replaces six probes with three, offering a simpler choice for development engineers looking to test high performance systems. Recent trends for higher voltages in electric vehicles, railway inverters, new energy sources such as renewable solar and high-voltage commercial power lines such as 400 Vrms have shown the need for oscilloscope probes that can handle these high voltages.

Isolated Oscilloscope Probes for Testing Power Systems

Tek IsoVu Gen227 October 2020 -- Tektronix announced its second-generation IsoVu Isolated Oscilloscope Probes, the TIVP Series, which significantly advance the capabilities of the ground-breaking probes first introduced in 2016. The second-generation IsoVu probes extend the applications for isolated probe technology to the entire power system design market with a smaller size, improved ease of use, and enhanced electrical performance.

Passive Oscilloscope Probes for dense PCBs and a wide Temperature Range

Yokogawa 701946 Miniatur Tastkopf07 August 2020 - The new Model 701949 and 702907 passive oscilloscope probes from Yokogawa are intended to expand the usability and applications of Yokogawa’s DLM3000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope. The 701949 10:1 miniature passive probe is designed for high density PCBs, with a slim probe head that provides good visibility during operation. It also features a built-in spring mechanism at the tip that prevents slippage by automatically adjusting the load.

Don’t forget the Oscilloscope Probes

23 June 2020 - Oscilloscope probes are a key part of the measurement chain. Some measurements would not even be possible without probes e.g. current measurements or high voltage measurements. So don’t forget to have a special look on the probes when you setup a measurement. On OScopes.info we published over the years a large variety of information on oscilloscope probes and probing in different forms: news, whitepapers, application notes, videos and webinars. Following we have compiled an overview for you.

Multi-Channel Probe Positioning System

Pico Probes Holder12 May 2020 - Oscilloscopes with more than two channels present humans with a common problem: none of us have enough hands to hold more than two oscilloscope probes in place. This is especially an issue when using an 8-channel oscilloscope such as the new PicoScope 6800E devices, so it was particularly important for Pico Technology to address it.

Differential Probing Solution for DDR5/LPDDR5

Keysight MX0106A20 December 2019 - Keysight Technologies announced the MX0023A InfiniiMax RC, a new high speed differential probing solution for Double Data Rate 5 (DDR5) and Low Power Double Data Rate 5 (LPDDR5). The MX0023A InfiniiMax RC probe features a bandwidth of up to 25 GHz and an RC input impedance profile for extremely low mid-band loading.

Differential Probes with Bandwidth up to 25 GHz

TLC dh probes29 October 2019 – Teledyne LeCroy announced the DH Series of differential probes, which come in bandwidths from 13 GHz to 25 GHz to address high-speed serial data debug and validation. The probes offer exceptionally low loading (200 kΩ DC), low noise, and a range of available tips for application flexibility.

Isolated Current Probe for Motor and Grid Measurements

Saker HVCP Probe16 September 2019 - SAKER announces the world’s first Rogowski fiber isolated current probe for measuring AC currents in high voltage areas, power electronics, medium voltage motors and electric grids. Its main applications are medium voltage power quality, distribution grids and medium voltage drives testing.

Rogowski Coil Current Probes for up to 6,000 A

TLC Rogowski03 July 2019 – Teledyne LeCroy announced the latest offering in its Teledyne Test Tools (T3)-branded portfolio of test equipment with the launch of a series of Rogowski Coil Current Probes, which are electrical devices used for measuring alternating current or high-speed current pulses.

Current Probes for measuring up to 30 A

HIOKI CT671126 April 2019 - HIOKI launched the Current Probes CT6710 and CT6711. Both products provide three ranges (30 A, 5 A, and 0.5 A) to facilitate observation of waveforms representing currents as large as 30 A or as small as several hundred microamperes. This capability makes the probes ideal for observing current waveforms under a variety of operating conditions, including inrush currents, micro currents, and high-speed currents.

2000 A AC flex Current Probe

Pico Flex Current Probe23 November 2018 - Pico Technology introduced the TA368 Pico D9 flex current probe. The TA368 is a flexible AC current probe utilizing the Rogowski principle and featuring a built-in integrator. Equipped with the Pico D9 probe interface, it is designed exclusively for use with the PicoScope 4444 Differential Oscilloscope, which powers the probe and automatically sets the PicoScope software to the correct range and units.

Small Solder-in Probe Head for Oscilloscopes

Keysight MX0100A202 August 2018 - Keysight launched the MX0100A InfiniiMax micro probe head, the industry's smallest solder-in probe head for high performance oscilloscopes, optimized for modern high-speed devices. This micro solder-in head for use with the company's InfiniiMax I/II probe amplifiers is designed to access small geometry target devices. The lead wires can be adjusted to accommodate targets from 0 mm to 7 mm apart.

Differential Probes for Measurements up to 6000 VRMS

TLC HVD3000A16 April 2018 – Teledyne LeCroy introduced its HVD3000A series of high-voltage differential probes—the 1-kV safety-rated HVD310XA, the 2-kV safety-rated HVD3206A and the 6-kV safety-rated HVD3605A. These new probes serve the complete spectrum of power-electronics applications while providing 1% gain accuracy, a differential-voltage range of up to 1500 V (DC + peak AC), and high offset ranges.

First 56 GBd 400G PAM4 Optical Probe for Real Time Oscilloscopes

Tektronix DPO7OE213 March 2018 – Tektronix introduced the industry’s first 56 GBd 400G PAM4 optical probe for use with Tektronix DPO70000SX Series real-time oscilloscopes. Joining the award-winning 33 GHz DPO7OE1 introduced last year, the new 59 GHz DPO7OE2 single mode optical probe delivers the performance and advanced debug capabilities designers need to troubleshoot 400G PAM4 components and reduce time to market.

Differential Attenuator for Voltages up to 1000 V

TiePie DiffAtt26 February 2018 - TiePie engineering introduced the new Differential attenuator TP-DA25 to increase the input range of the Handyscope HS6 DIFF when performing differential measurements. The TP-DA25 is a differential 1:25 attenuator, combined with a low noise differential measure lead. It is specially designed to be used with the Handyscope HS6 DIFF, to measure high voltages up to 1000 V CAT II.

New Probes for Power Measurements

RS RT ZPR4031 January 2018 - Rohde & Schwarz broadens its oscilloscope probe portfolio for power measurements by introducing the R&S RT-ZPR40 power rail probe with 4 GHz bandwidth and the new R&S RT-ZHD high voltage differential probes. The R&S RT-ZHD probes are designed for complex measurements on state-of-the-art power electronics with voltages up to 6000 V.


Isolated Current Probe for Oscilloscopes

CA MH6004 October 2017 - CHAUVIN ARNOUX introduced an isolated AC+DC current probe which works with all oscilloscopes. It features a bandwidth of 1 MHz, multiple filters, 8-hour battery life, etc. The MH60 sensor is designed for use with an oscilloscope in total simplicity. Simply clamp the cable and measure. It can be used for wide-band current measurements up to 100 A (AC+DC).

PAM4 Optical Analysis Solution for Real-time Oscilloscopes

Tek DPO7OE118 September 2017 – Tektronix introduced the new DPO7OE1, a calibrated optical probe and analysis software for use with real-time oscilloscopes. It is optical reference receiver (ORR) compliant for 28-GBaud PAM4 applications and supports IEEE/OIF-CEI standard specific measurements. This new solution complements Tektronix’ optical PAM4 analysis tools for sampling oscilloscopes, giving design teams efficient test solutions for all stages of the optical transmitter workflow.

High Voltage Differential Probes

Micsig DP Series18 July 2017 - Micsig, a designer and producer of tablet and handheld oscilloscopes, introduced high voltage differential probes featuring a bandwidth of up to 100 MHz and a maximum differential test voltage (DC+ Peak AC) of up to 1300 V. The probes also offer a switchable attenuation of 50X and 500X.

Tektronix enhances its IsoVu Probe Portfolio

Tek IsoVu 218 May 2017 – In 2016, Tektronix set a new standard for power measurements by introducing IsoVu, a high performance, isolated measurement system with revolutionary 120 dB (1 Million-to-1) common mode rejection. Featuring six new models, the IsoVu family portfolio now includes products with both large differential and common mode voltage ranges. Users can now accurately measure a wide range of differential signals (5 mV to > 1,000 V) from DC to 800 MHz in the presence of large common mode voltages up to 60 kV.

400 A Current Clamp for use with USB Oscilloscope

TiePie TP CC40012 May 2017 - TiePie engineering has added a new current clamp to its product portfolio, the Current Clamp TP-CC400. The Current Clamp will allow to measure electrical currents up to 400 A AC/DC. When measuring with this current clamp, there is no need to break a closed circuit or to affect the isolation. The wide jaws allow performing measurements on conductors up to 20 mm.

100MHz Bandwidth High-Voltage differential Probes

Acute ADP110010 May 2017 - Acute announced its new 100MHz bandwidth high-voltage differential probes: the ADP1100, the ADP2100 and the ADP5100. These probes with good CMRR and low noise floor performance, apply to high-volatge/floating/reference-potential and are better for measuring the MOSFET signal of switching power.

Modular Probe System for Measurements up to 9 GHz

RS RT ZM30 March 2017 - Measuring fast data signals, e.g. on SuperSpeed USB or PCIe-2.0 interfaces, requires an oscilloscope that can acquire and analyze data rates up to 5 Gbit/s and suitable probes. The new R&S RT-ZM modular broadband probe system from Rohde & Schwarz ensures that optimum contact is made with the DUT. It provides a high dynamic range and, depending on the tip and test mode, an extremely low input capacitance of 32 femtofarad to 521 femtofarad up into the GHz range. As a result, the test signal is exposed to minimal load and distortion from the probe tip. The R&S RT-ZM system consists of the R&S RT ZM15/30/60/90 amplifier modules with 1.5 GHz to 9 GHz bandwidth plus various swappable R&S RT-ZMA tips and tip modules.

Single- and 3-phase flexible AC Current Probes

Pico TA32624 March 2017 - Pico Technology launched the TA325 and TA326 flex current probes, which use Rogowski coil technology to measure AC currents up to 3000 A. Clamp-on current probes or “current clamps” enable you to measure currents without breaking the electrical circuit. Current clamps are designed with jaws that can be opened, placed around the conductor and clamped shut to form a magnetic loop around the conductor.

Additional Power Probe Channels for Oscilloscopes

RS RT ZVC0220 March 2017 - Rohde & Schwarz introduced the R&S RT-ZVC02/04 multichannel power probe. The R&S RT-ZVC02 power probe offers two current and two voltage channels, the R&S RT-ZVC04 four current and four voltage channels in addition to the analog oscilloscope channels. Up to two R&S RT-ZVC02/04 probes can be connected to an R&S RTE or R&S RTO oscilloscope for up to 16 additional test channels. This allows automatic testing of even critical power-up sequences on CPU mainboards and FPGA circuits.

USB Oscilloscope offers four true differential Channels

Pico PicoScope 4444 13 March 2017 - Pico Technology introduced the PicoScope 4444 high-resolution differential oscilloscope. This instrument features four true differential input channels and a range of accessories for measurements from millivolt to 1000 V CAT III applications. The new PicoScope addresses the perennial problem of making accurate voltage waveform measurements on circuit elements that are not ground-referenced, without the risk of short circuits that could damage the device under test or the measuring instrument.

Oscilloscope Probe with large Offset Range and DC Voltmeter

RS RT ZPR2030 January 2017 - The R&S RT-ZPR20 of Rohde & Schwarz is a new, extremely low-noise power rail probe with a bandwidth of 2 GHz. Its 1:1 attenuation also ensures very good sensitivity. The large offset range of ± 60 V permits analysis of the smallest disturbance signals during power integrity measurements, even on DC power supplies with a high voltage level. The probe also features an integrated high-precision DC voltmeter.

Teledyne LeCroy launches High Voltage optically Isolated Probe

TLC HVO Probe16 January 2017 - Teledyne LeCroy announces the new HVFO high voltage fiber-optically isolated oscilloscope probe. The HVFO probe further extends Teledyne LeCroy’s market leadership in the power electronics market, adding to other unique solutions such as the only HV differential probe rated for 1500Vdc common-mode testing, the industry’s only 8-channel, 12-bit resolution oscilloscopes, and Motor Drive Analyzers for three-phase electrical and mechanical power measurements.

Teledyne LeCroy launches Active Voltage Rail Probe and SPMI Decoder

TLC RP403014 November 2016 – Teledyne LeCroy launched two new products – the RP4030 active voltage rail probe and an industry first MIPI System Power Management Interface (SPMI) serial decoder. The RP4030 probe measures small signal variations on a DC power/voltage rail, while the SPMI decoder monitors and correlates SPMI serial bus messages with DC power/voltage rail changes. These two products are ideal for testing line or battery-powered computing and embedded systems that use digital power management ICs (PMICs) to reduce power consumption and increase system efficiency.

Oscilloscope Probe for Voltages in the Millivolt Range

RS Passiver Tastkopf04 November 2016 - The new R&S RT-ZP1X passive 1:1 probe from Rohde & Schwarz f is ideal for measuring smallest signals down to 1 mV/div, e.g. for power integrity measurements on integrated circuits and components. The new passive 1:1 probe is precisely matched to the R&S RTE (up to 2 GHz) and the R&S RTO1000/2000 (up to 4 GHz) oscilloscopes.

Test Probes for Signals up to 18 Gb/s

Pico PicoConnect 90031 October 2016 - Pico Technology launched a new family of high-performance microwave and gigabit test probes. The PicoConnect passive probes allow cost-effective fingertip browsing of broadband signals or data streams out to 9 GHz or 18 Gb/s. These include the now ubiquitous USB 2 & 3, HDMI 1 & 2, Ethernet, PCIe, SATA and LVDS standards.

Teledyne LeCroy previewed HV Fiber-Optically Isolated Probe

TLC HVFO21 September 2016 – Teledyne LeCroy previewed the new HVFO high voltage fiber-optically isolated oscilloscope probe at the IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Expo (ECCE) 2016 exhibition in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA). The HVFO is an affordable, optimally designed probe for measurement of small signals floating on a HV bus in power electronics designs. Optical isolation between the probe tip and the oscilloscope input reduces adverse loading of the device under test (DUT); and also reduces noise, distortion, ringing, overshoots, and transients on the measured signal.

Tektronix starts Delivery of Optically Isolated Probe System

Tektronix IsoVu Start16 August 2016 - Tektronix started shipping of the IsoVu Measurement System previewed earlier this year at the APEC 2016 show. Pricing for the optically isolated measurement system starts at $12,000. IsoVu Technology combines 1 GHz bandwidth, wide common mode range, with superior Common Mode Rejection to make previously hidden signals visible.

Measure high Frequency Motor Drive Common-Mode Currents

PEM CMC03 May 2016 - Power Electronic Measurements (PEM) Ltd launched new non-contact current probes for measuring HF common mode currents in Variable Frequency Drives (VSDs) used to control AC motors. The new CMC series of current probes, using Rogowski technology, empower engineers to assess the magnitude of the threat posed by HF common-mode currents, that can damage motor bearings and interfere with nearby electrical equipment.

Tektronix previews 1 GHz Optically Isolated Measurement System

Tektronix IsoVu18 March 2016 – Tektronix announced that it will be previewing its new IsoVu technology at the APEC 2016 show that will offer complete galvanic isolation between a device under test (DUT) and an oscilloscope through the use of electro-optical sensors. It will be the industry’s first measurement solution capable of accurately resolving high bandwidth differential signals in the presence of large common mode voltage. The technology will also offer immunity to external interference and radiated emissions, minimizing the impact of EMI on measurements.

12 GHz Browser Head Combination for Oscilloscope Probes

Keysight N2839A Probe 116 March 2016 – Keysight Technologies introduced the N2839A differential browser head for use with InfiniiMax I/II Series probe amps, bringing the measurement fidelity of a solder-in probe head to hand-held browsing. When used with the InfiniiMax II 1169A probe amplifier, the N2839A gives users 12 GHz of bandwidth, making this a practical hand-held browser solution for measuring high-speed differential or single-ended signals.

Oscilloscope Probes with up to 20 GHz Bandwidth

Tek Tastkopf P772015 March 2016 – Tektronix introduced the P7700 series of TriMode probes for use with Tektronix performance oscilloscopes. Offering up to 20 GHz bandwidth, the new probes ease the challenges designers face when debugging circuits found in the latest mobile and enterprise designs by minimizing probe loading, improving access to smaller, more-densely packed test locations and lowering overall cost of ownership.

Oscilloscope Probe for use in harsh Environments

PMK Probe PHT31208 December 2015 - PMK launched a new 10:1 miniature-probe for Oscilloscopes with bandwidths of up to 350 MHz. The PHT 312 "ENVI"-Probe is suitable for environmental testing and designed for testing and qualification of Semiconductors in harsh environments such as service, automotive or military applications. Pure coaxial design and laser trimmed resistors ensure highest signal fidelity along the signal path offering high bandwidth and fast rise times for accurate impulse measurements.

High-Sensitivity Current Probes with up to 120 MHz Bandwidth

Yokogawa current probe 70191704 November 2015 - Yokogawa launched two new high-sensitivity current probes a for its families of mixed-signal oscilloscopes and ScopeCorders. The 701917, covering a frequency range from DC to 50 MHz, and the 701918, covering DC to 120 MHz, offer sensitivities ten times higher than previous models (typically 1 V/A) along with low noise levels of typically 60 µA RMS. They are ideally suited to the measurement of low-level currents from about 1 mA to 5 A.

Probe Adapters for Third-Party Probes and Current Sensors

Teledyne LeCroy Probe Adapter 22 July 015 – Teledyne LeCroy introduced two new products that provide simple and easy interface of third-party probes and current measurement devices to Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes. The first - the TPA10 TekProbe- adapts a wide variety of Tektronix voltage and current probes and the second - the CA10 Current Sensor Adapter - adapts a wide variety of third-party current measurement devices. Both adapters attach to the Teledyne LeCroy ProBus probe interface, a standard probe interface for 20+ years that is present on the vast majority of oscilloscopes shipped by Teledyne LeCroy.

Teledyne LeCroy launched 2kV and 8kV High Voltage Differential Probes

Teledyne LeCroy High Voltage Differential Probes15 July 2015 – Teledyne LeCroy introduced two new additions to the HVD3000 series of high voltage differential probes - the 2 kV safety-rated HVD3206 and the 8.4 kV safety-rated HVD3605. Like the existing 1 kV safety-rated HVD310x probes, these new probes provide excellent performance by offering the best gain accuracy, widest differential voltage range, high offset range and exceptional common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR).

Teledyne LeCroy introduces High Sensitivity Current Probes

TLC CP03015 April 2015 – Teledyne LeCroy introduced the CP030A and CP031A high sensitivity current probes featuring a sensitivity down to 1 mA/div allowing users to measure current from the mA range up to a continuous current of 30Arms and peak current of 50A all with the same probe. The probes provide a small form factor for today’s crowded boards. The small jaws can probe currents in tight spaces and still clamp onto conductors up to 5 mm in diameter. The CP030A and CP031A feature a bandwidth of 50 MHz and 100 MHz, respectively.

In-line BNC adapter for BitScope Micro Oscilloscopes

Bitscope MP02A14 April 2015 - The new BitScope Micro Port 02 (MP02A) is an in-line mixed signal I/O adapter for BitScope Micro. It can be used to connect standard oscilloscope probes and BNC terminated cables to BitScope Micro. Any oscilloscope probe with 1:1, 10:1 or other attenuation ratio can be used. It supports active differential, current or any other probe which is BNC terminated and designed for an oscilloscope.

Oscilloscope Probing Solutions for High-Speed Bus Testing

Keysight N7003A03 March 2015 – Keysight Technologies introduced the bandwidth enhanced N7000A InfiniiMax III+ differential probes for general-purpose, high-speed differential bus probing. The company also introduced an active termination adapter that provides ultra-low noise voltage termination to a non-ground signal, and QuickTip accessories for InfiniiMax I/II probes. These probing solutions complement the new Infiniium V-Series oscilloscopes.

Oscilloscope Current Probe for up to 50 A and with 100 MHz Bandwidth

RS RT ZC20B02 March 2015 -- Rohde & Schwarz enhances its oscilloscope accessories portfolio with the new R&S RT-ZC20B current probe. At 100 MHz bandwidth, the can measure AC and DC of a maximum 30 A (RMS)/50 A (peak) current with a resolution of 10 mA and low noise. R&S RTO, R&S RTE and R&S RTM oscilloscopes can automatically detect up to four current probes connected in parallel and will also automatically adjust the vertical scaling and zeroing settings. The degaussing function is activated directly on the instrument.

Oscilloscope Probe Adapter for BitScope Micro

Bitscope-Probe-Adapter17 December 2014 - The new BitScope Micro Port 01 (MP01) is a universal mixed signal I/O adapter for BitScope Micro. It connects standard oscilloscope probes to the BitScope Micro Mixed Signal Oscilloscope. Any passive probe with 1:1, 10:1 or other attenuation ratios can be used. It supports active differential, current or any other type of probe which is BNC terminated and designed for a standard oscilloscope.

High Bandwidth, low Noise Oscilloscope Probe for Power Integrity Measurements

Keysight-N7020A21 November 2014 – Keysight Technologies introduced the industry’s highest bandwidth and lowest noise oscilloscope probe for making power integrity measurements to characterize DC power rails. The new Keysight N7020A power-rail probe specifications are tailored for a wide variety of DC power-rail measurements. Probe specifications include very low noise, a large ± 24-V offset range and 2-GHz bandwidth.

Passive Oscilloscope Probes operate over wide Temperature Range

Yokogawa-Passive-Probe-70290218 November 2014 - The 10:1 passive oscilloscope probes Model 702902 and 702906 from Yokogawa operate over a wide temperature range from -40°̊C to +85̊C. They are ideally suited to use in accelerated testing and validation methods where temperature cycling is part of the test procedure. The 702902 is designed for use with the isolated BNC input modules of Yokogawa's DL850E ScopeCorder family, whereas the 702906 is intended to be used with the non-isolated BNC inputs of the Yokogawa DLM4000 and DLM2000 Series of oscilloscopes.

Oscilloscope Probes for High-Voltage Signal Measurements

Keysight-N2804A12 November 2014 – Keysight Technologies introduced 200-, 300- and 500-MHz, high-voltage probing solutions with a wider input range, higher common-mode rejection ratio and optimized accessories. The probes are ideal for testing today’s switching power supplies or power devices and for measuring motor drives and vehicle buses. The Keysight N2804A differential probe offers up to 300-MHz bandwidth and ±300-Vdc + peak AC of the maximum differential input range, allowing engineers to use it for a broad range of power applications.

Oscilloscope Probes for High-Voltage Signal Measurements

Keysight-N2804A05 November 2014 – Keysight Technologies introduced 200-, 300- and 500-MHz, high-voltage probing solutions with a wider input range, higher common-mode rejection ratio and optimized accessories. The probes are ideal for testing today’s switching power supplies or power devices and for measuring motor drives and vehicle buses.

DDR4 BGA Interposers for Infiniium Series Oscilloscopes

17 September 2014 - Keysight Technologies introduced DDR4 ball-grid array (BGA) probe interposer solutions for Infiniium Series oscilloscopes. Engineers can use the probes and oscilloscopes for debugging and characterizing DDR4 memory designs and testing device compliance with the JEDEC DDR4 standard.

High Voltage Differential Probes for Oscilloscopes

LeCroy-hvd-family17 July 2014 - Teledyne LeCroy introduced the HVD High Voltage Differential probe series delivering high common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) across a broad frequency range. The new HVD differential probes are safe, easy to use and ideally suited for a variety of power electronics measurements. The wide 1500Vp-p differential voltage range and large offset capability provides maximum flexibility for capturing gate drive and control signals floating on a 1000 Vdc bus. This performance combined with 1% DC and low frequency gain accuracy means the HVD differential probes enable high precision, high voltage measurements.

A simple method to verify the bandwidth of your probe

Agilent oscilloscope Probe BandwidthIn oscilloscopes or oscilloscope probes, bandwidth is a measure of the width of a range of frequencies measured in Hertz. Specifically, bandwidth is specified as the frequency at which a sinusoidal input signal is attenuated to 70.7 percent of its original amplitude, also known as the -3 dB point. Most oscilloscope companies design the scope/probe response to be as flat as possible throughout its specified frequency range, and most customers simply rely on the specified bandwidth of the oscilloscope or oscilloscope probes, wondering if they are indeed getting the bandwidth performance at the probe tip. Now you can use these step-by-step instructions to simply measure and verify the bandwidth of your probe with an oscilloscope you may already have.

Oscilloscope Probes – Vital Link in the Measurement Chain

Tektronix oscilloscope with probesSignal measurement results can only be as accurate as the test and measurement tools in use.  As clock rates and edge speeds of today’s electronic circuits increase, probing becomes a critical piece of the measurement system – the component that comes in direct contact with your circuit.  This article looks at voltage probing considerations for embedded system and digital design debugging applications.