Oscilloscope Glossary

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MIPI Physical Layer Specification - this is the third specification developed by MIPI and uses 3 phase encoding on a three-wire interface to camera and display applications. More information see www.mipi.org.


Comparison between measurements – one made with an instrument of known magnitude or correctness (standard) and another made with the device to be calibrated. The measurements should be done in as similar a way as possible. 

CAN bus

Controller Area Network -  bus system used in automotive and other applications


Controller Area Network with flexible Data-Rate - automotive bus system


common-mode rejection ratio

Common mode voltage

Voltage of the same polarity on both differential inputs relative to ground.

Common-Mode Rejection Ratio

CMRR - measure for the rejection of unwanted input signals common to both inputs. An ideal differential amplifier should have a very high CMRR.


compact PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) - computer bus used for connection of peripherals in a PC.