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Pico 40 Serial Decoders26 June 2024 - Pico Technology announced a significant enhancement to its PicoScope range. Effective immediately, all PicoScope oscilloscopes now include a serial decoder for the 10BASE-T1S automotive Ethernet standard. This addition marks a milestone, bringing the total number of serial decoders available free of charge with PicoScope 7 software to 40 – more than any other oscilloscope in the market. The software is compatible with all current PicoScope models and legacy models marketed in the past seven years or longer.

The 10BASE-T1S standard is a groundbreaking development in automotive networking, facilitating robust and efficient data communication across vehicles. It supports multi-drop Ethernet configurations over a single pair of unshielded twisted wires with Differential Manchester Encoded (DME) signals, enabling cost-effective and lightweight cabling solutions crucial for modern vehicle design. A 17-bit scrambler delivers improved EMC performance and makes 10BASE-T1S ideal for applications requiring reliable in-vehicle networking, including advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), infotainment, and vehicle diagnostics.

"Pico Technology's commitment to providing comprehensive and accessible diagnostic tools is demonstrated by our continued support and innovation in the automotive sector," said Patrik Gold, Product Manager at Pico Technology. "With the addition of the 10BASE-T1S decoder, our PicoScope oscilloscopes offer unparalleled versatility and performance, empowering automotive engineers and technicians with the tools they need for cutting-edge vehicle design and maintenance."


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