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Keysight BERT 1p6T05 April 2022 - Keysight Technologies introduced a new 120 Giga Baud (GBd) High-Performance Bit Error Ratio Test (BERT) solution (M8050A) for validating next generation chip deployments of up to 120 GBd for 1.6T (or one trillion bits per second) market with unachieved signal integrity. The solution uses Keysight's Infiniium 80 GHz UXR oscilloscope as an acquisition-based Error-Analyzer in combination with the M8050A. It supports non return to zero (NRZ) and pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) 4, as well as PAM 6/8, which is likely required in 1.6T environment.

Keysight 800Gnew24 March 2022 - Keysight Technologies announced the industry's first compliance test solution for validating 112 gigabit per second (Gbps) serial data center interface to the latest industry standards. The new 112 Gbps conformance test solution leverages Keysight's M8040A 64 GBaud high performance bit error ratio tester (BERT) with a N1060A Digital Communication Analyzer (DCA) for receiver testing and Keysight's Infiniium UXR-Series real-time oscilloscope for transmitter testing.

RS OsciDays22 March 2022 - Rohde & Schwarz will repeat the Oscilloscope Days in 2022, taking place on April 27 and 28. Building on the success of the previous events, the two-day program consists of webinars presented by technical experts, in a multi-lingual format. Free to attend and delivered live, the webcasts will be streamed in English, German, French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. The sessions include direct interaction with presenters and experts from Rohde & Schwarz and event partners Würth Elektronik and PE Systems.

11 March 2022 - PMK Mess- und Kommunikationstechnik, a German independent manufacturer of electronic test and measurement equipment, opened a subsidiary in USA. Main products of PMK are oscilloscope probes. PMK America Corporation is located in Portland Oregon will provide technical advice for probing challenges and customized probing solutions for customers in the Americas. Many oscilloscope manufacturers outfit their devices with active and passive probes from PMK.

Tek 5G01 March 2022 – Tektronix announced the release of its SignalVu 5G NR analysis software for 6 Series B MSO oscilloscopes. Engineers can now perform critical 5G NR measurements per 3GPP specifications on the oscilloscopes they rely on to bring-up and characterize new electronic designs. The 5G software enables engineers to diagnose complex signal interactions on a single oscilloscope, reducing the need for painstaking correlation between instruments.

Tek DPO70000SX16 February 2022 - Tektronix introduced a PCI Express 6.0 compatible Base transmitter test solution just weeks after the PCI-SIG working group released PCI Express (PCIe) 6.0 Base specifications and validation requirements. PCIe 6.0 is an important and scalable standard for data-intensive markets such as data center, artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), and high-performance computing.

Owon TabOsci28 January 2022 - Owon introduced the TAO3000 Series 2/4 channel 8/14bit Tablet Oscilloscopes - handy portable scopes that are especially suited for field use. They offer 70, 100, or 120MHz bandwidth and a 1GSa/s signal sampling rate, with a built-in 4 1/2 digit multimeter in the 2-channel models. A huge 40MSa record length allows for deep investigation into glitches and other small signals. An internal built-in 8000mAh high-capacity battery allows for continuous operation of up to 5 hours.

Tek S5new11 January 2022 -- Tektronix launched a new version of its 5 Series mixed-signal oscilloscope (MSO). The new B version includes several updates, such as a new auxiliary trigger input that lets users synchronize the oscilloscope to an external signal without consuming any of the 4, 6, or 8 full-capability input channels. For the optional, built-in arbitrary/function generator, the maximum frequency output increases from 50 MHz to 100 MHz, enabling higher frequency stimulus for measurements such as Bode plots and impedance measurements. These new capabilities are invaluable for making fast, thorough checks of power integrity on power distribution networks.

TLC PCIe EDSFF05 January 2022 - Teledyne LeCroy announced PCI Express 5.0 EDSFF interposers for analysis of Enterprise & Datacenter Small Form Factor (EDSFF) E1.S, E1.L, E3.x type solid-state drives (SSDs) and devices. These EDSFF interposers work in combination with the Summit family of PCI Express 5.0 protocol analyzers to test product designs that utilizes the PCIe 5.0, NVM Express (NVMe) and Compute Express Link (CXL) protocol technologies with data rates up to 32 GT/s and link widths up to x16. The PCIe 5.0 EDSFF interposers include Teledyne LeCroy's CrossSync PHY technology, enabling users to debug enhanced power management and link training equalization, through correlated and time aligned physical and protocol layer views.

BKP 219409 December 2021 - B&K Precision announced the addition of their latest entry-level oscilloscope. The 2194 provides the advantage of a high bandwidth oscilloscope bundled with the latest features at a low price point. This model delivers 100 MHz bandwidth in a four-channel configuration with a maximum sampling rate of 1GSa/s and a maximum memory depth of 14 Mpts.

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