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RS MXO428 September 2022 - Rohde & Schwarz added a completely new series to its oscilloscope portfolio that delivers a number of industry firsts. The new R&S MXO 4 series oscilloscopes feature the world’s fastest real-time update rate of over 4.5 million acquisitions per second. Development engineers can now see more signal detail and infrequent events than with any other oscilloscope. The 12-bit ADC in the R&S MXO 4 series has 16 times the resolution of traditional 8-bit oscilloscopes at all sample rates without any tradeoffs for more precise measurements. A standard acquisition memory of 400 Mpts on all four channels gives the instrument up to 100 times the standard memory of comparable instruments.

Pico Kits19 September 2022 - Pico Technology launched a set of new off-highway kits for Heavy-Duty vehicle and Off-Highway (HD-OH) equipment testing built around a dedicated PicoScope oscilloscope. Created for fault diagnosis on trucks, tractors, forklifts, boats, combine harvesters, excavators and more, the off-highway kits contain a modified PS4425A PicoScope having additional protection to better withstand off-highway conditions. The scope is fully supported by Pico Technology’s class-leading, and free, PicoScope 7 Automotive software.

Hantek TO100009 September 2022 - Hantek released a new generation of the TO1000 series multi-function full touch screen oscilloscope. The new TO1000 series oscilloscope has a thin body, is light weight and easy to carry. Its unique hanging design enables a hands-free operation. The instrument integrates oscilloscope, multimeter, signal generator and spectrum analyzer. The built in large capacity battery offers long endurance and supports fast charging.

Pico IEPE19 August 2022 - Pico Technology launched a signal interface box for piezoelectric sensors. The TA487 IEPE Signal Conditioner is an interface that allows industry-standard IEPE (integrated electronic piezoelectric) sensors to be used with any oscilloscope or data acquisition device with BNC inputs. The device is powered from any USB port, using the cable supplied, and provides a 4mA constant current source to power a connected IEPE sensor.

Micsig SATO100417 August 2022 - Saelig Company introduced the Micsig SATO1004 Automotive Tablet Oscilloscope with 4 channels, a bandwidth of 100MHz, an easy-use touchscreen operation and a comprehensive set of vehicle diagnostics. With its signal sample rate of 1GSa/s, the SATO1004 is a vehicle testing tool for evaluating systems such as: ABS, Accelerator Pedal, Throttle Position, Fuel Pressure, Air Flow meter, Crankshaft, Camshaft, Knock, MAP, 12/24V Charging & Start, Charging Ripple, Cranking Current Sensors, Actuators, Ignition, and Networks (CAN, LIN, Flex ray, K line, etc.)

15 August 2022 - Pico Technology released a Power Management Bus (PMBus) decoder to their database of free serial decoders. The PMBus decoder tool is available in PicoScope 7 (Early Access) to decode, display and analyze smart batteries and power supplies. PMBus is a serial communications protocol aimed at the configuration, control, and monitoring of power supply devices. It’s built on top of the proven foundation of the SMBus, which is a low-cost, two-wire bus derived from I2C.

Caltest CT444704 August 2022 - Cal Test Electronics introduced the CT4447 Series of 30 MHz High-Voltage Differential Probes. Two different attenuation settings are offered, covering the most requested voltage ranges. Compatible with oscilloscopes (with 1 MΩ input) from all major manufacturers, the probes can be powered by batteries (included), a universal mains adapter (included), or by the oscilloscope, if USB equipped.

Micsig STO200013 July 2022 - Saelig Company, Inc. announced the Micsig STO2000C Series 2-channel Portable Oscilloscopes, which offer a bandwidth choice of 200 or 300MHz, 280Mpts of memory, 2GSa/s sampling rate (single channel), up to 270,000wfm/s refresh rate, and a 7.5Ah Li battery for extended field use. This portable instrument combines a capacitive 8” TFT LCD touch screen (touch, drag, and swipe) with traditional ‘button & knob’ operation to make scope operation easy and efficient. An external USB mouse can also be connected for additional control choices.

TLC PCIeInterposer27 June 2022 – Teledyne LeCroy announced availability of a PCI Express 5.0 Open Compute Project (OCP) Network Interface Card (NIC) 3.0 interposer that works in combination with Teledyne LeCroy’s Summit family of PCI Express 5.0 protocol analyzers. The new OCP interposer allows engineers to test product designs that incorporate OCP NIC 3.0 with PCIe 5.0, NVM Express (NVMe) or Compute Express Link (CXL) technologies. The PCIe 5.0 OCP interposer joins the list of CrossSync PHY enabled interposers, allowing users to debug enhanced power management and link training equalization through correlated and time aligned physical and protocol layer views.

Micsig STO100423 June 2022 - Saelig Company introduced the Micsig STO1004 four-channel battery-powered portable oscilloscope, which offers 100MHz bandwidth, 70Mpts memory, 1GSa/s sampling (single channel), 130,000wfm/s refresh rate, and a 7.5Ah Li battery for extended field use. Improvements over previous Micsig models include an intelligent bidirectional Universal Probe Interface for accommodating and powering smart probes such as those with differential inputs and new joystick control buttons. A smartphone app is also available for remote instrument control.

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