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BKP 256011 November 2021 - B&K Precision announced their latest iteration of performance oscilloscopes with the 2560B Series. This series improves on the previous 2560 series and introduces new features not typically found in other oscilloscopes in this class. Most noticeably, the increased maximum bandwidth to 350 MHz and the large 10.1-inch touchscreen display with intuitive touchscreen gestures.

Pico 4Protocols05 November 2021 - Pico Technology announced the inclusion of four new protocol decoders / analyzers with PicoScope software. MIL-STD-1553, CAN J1939, Quadrature encoded and Parallel bus decoders are included with the latest PicoScope 6 software (6.14.54) for Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems. The same decoders have also been added to PicoScope 7, the next-generation PicoScope user interface. (PicoScope 7 Early Access program gives users access to the software during the ongoing development work.)

TLC T3DSO300003 November 2021 - Teledyne expanded its Teledyne Test Tools with the new T3DSO3000 Oscilloscopes featuring four channel models with analog bandwidth options from 200 MHz to 1 GHz. Each model offers a maximum sample rate of 5 GSa/s, and a maximum memory depth of 250 Mpts in half channel mode. All models incorporate two 5 GSa/s ADCs and two 250 Mpts memory modules.

Pico AutomotiveApp25 October 2021 - Pico Technology launched the new PicoScope Automotive app. This exciting development is not PicoScope software running on a phone or tablet, but instead brings together a powerful and accessible set of information designed to be our most interactive and complete customer engagement tool. The app gives new users everything they need to understand PicoScope no matter the level of their diagnostic experience.

Siglent SDS6000A13 October 2021 - The new oscilloscope series SDS6000A from Siglent addresses the requirements of ever higher switching and signal frequencies in modern devices. The operating concept is well thought out and intuitive enabling measurements to be configured quickly and increases efficiency in the laboratory. The SDS6000A series are available with a maximum bandwidth of 2 GHz. In addition to the higher bandwidth, the device offers 5 GS/s per channel and and interpolation technique ESR (Enhanced Sample Rate) is implemented for equivalent sample rates up-to 10 GS/s per channel, which significantly improves the quality of the acquired signals.

SI MokuPro27 September 2021 - Liquid Instruments launched Moku:Pro, a high-performance platform for engineering and research labs. Moku:Pro hosts nine powerful instruments, including an oscilloscope, lock-in amplifier, PID controller, phasemeter, arbitrary waveform generator, data logger, spectrum analyzer, frequency response analyzer, and waveform generator to ensure researchers have the instrumentation they need to quickly characterize their set up and scale their experiments. The platform was designed to meet the needs of researchers in a variety of fields, from aerospace to semiconductor.

Pico Log Cloud14 September 2021 – Pico Technology launched the PicoLog Cloud data logging software, which enables any Pico data logger or real-time oscilloscope to save data to a local disk or stream the capture directly to a secure online Cloud store. This enables the users to set up and control captures on a source PC and then remotely view them on any number of client devices running the software. You can also view, on a standard browser, live or previously saved captures on any PC or tablet device connected to the internet.

TLC MMA04 August 2021 – Teledyne LeCroy introduced instantaneous abg (Clarke) and dq0 (Park) waveform transformations to Motor Drive Analyzers and High-definition Oscilloscopes (HDOs) for motor control system analysis, cutting the time required to develop motor drives, PV inverters or power controllers. The dq0 Transformation software package is supported on MDA 8000HD, WaveRunner 8000HD, WavePro HD and HDO6000B oscilloscopes.

TLC DispPort26 July 2021 – Teledyne LeCroy furthers its leadership in DisplayPort testing with with QualiPHY DisplayPort 2.0 source and sink compliance and DisplayPort AUX DME (Decode, Measure & Eye Diagram) oscilloscope software options. The new solution builds on the recently announced DisplayPort 2.0 Link Layer compliance test solution integrates BER test (BERT) with automated compliance and adds analysis of multi-lane 20 Gb/s video links.

Anritsu MP2110A21 July 2021 – Anritsu Corporation released the Signal Processing Software Option-098 adding upgraded functions for evaluating PAM4 differential electrical signals to the BERTWave Sampling Oscilloscope MP2110A. This new option supports standards-compliant measurement of IEEE 802.3 optical-module electrical interfaces, speeding up communications in data centers and mobile networks by upgrading evaluation efficiency for 50 to 400G optical modules using PAM4 technology.

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