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RS-RTE27 February 2014 - Rohde & Schwarz presented on the Embedded World trade fair in Germany the new R&S RTE oscilloscope family. The instruments are available with bandwidths from 200 MHz to 1 GHz, with an acquisition rate of more than one million waveforms per second and a highly accurate digital trigger system with virtually no trigger jitter. With a sampling rate of 5 Gsample per second and a maximum memory depth of 50 Msample per channel, the R&S RTE can accurately record the long signal sequences required when analyzing the data content of serial protocols such as I2C and CAN.

Users performing complex tasks will especially appreciate the high measurement speed of the R&S RTE. Mask tests, for example, quickly return statistically conclusive results. The highly responsive, spectrum-analyzer-like FFT reliably detects even sporadic signals, making the R&S RTE ideal for EMI debugging during product development.

Thanks to the high-resolution 10.4" XGA touchscreen, users can intuitively perform their daily T&M tasks. For instance, they only have to swipe the screen to access saved instrument setups. And they can simply "drag & drop" waveforms to arrange them on the screen. Realtime miniature views of the signals on the edge of the screen allow users to always see what is happening. Dialog boxes are opened as semi-transparent overlays over the active waveforms, which maintain their full size. Signal flow diagrams and forward and back buttons in the dialog boxes simplify navigation.

Innovative tools help users boost their productivity. The QuickMeas function simultaneously performs several measurements on a signal. Fingertip zoom allows users to simply swipe a signal's zoom area to quickly view signal details. Tools are selected from a configurable toolbar.

Rohde & Schwarz also offers a wide range of dedicated application solutions for the R&S RTE, including trigger and decoder options for serial protocols, a mixed-signal option with 16 additional digital channels and a power analysis option. A broad probe portfolio rounds out the offering.

The new R&S RTE can now be ordered from Rohde & Schwarz with two or four channels and a bandwidth of 200 MHz, 350 MHz, 500 MHz or 1 GHz.


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