Oscilloscope Market

USB Oscilloscope - Picoscope 6000seriesIn addition to our product overview of low-end USB oscilloscopes this overviews looks at products with a minimum bandwidth of 500MHz. Compared to the low-end segment only a few products and manufacturers are left. Some of the listed USB PC scopes offer additional features such as arbitrary waveform generator (AWG), FFT or spectrum analyzer.

Keysight PXI OscilloscopeOscilloscopes are available in different formfactors also without display. A popular formfactor for multi-instrment systems is PXI (PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation). This modular instrumentation platform originally introduced in 1997 by National Instruments and is meanwhile promoted by the PXI Systems Alliance (PXISA). PXIe (PXI Express) increases the available system data rate to now 24 GByte/s in each direction and also allows hybrid slots (PXI and PXI Express modules). 

Handheld oscilloscope Metrix OX7042Handheld oscilloscopes are mainly used for field test, troubleshooting, maintenance and installation. Most instruments are ruggedized for use in harsh enviroments and include a recording function to capture long-term signal behavior. There many different instrument types in a wide price range available on the market. The following comparison chart provides a product overview with some main selection criteria. We focus on products with a bandwidth of at least 50 MHz. Some handheld oscilloscopes offer also additional features such as digital voltmeter (DVM), arbitrary waveform generator, logic analyzer, protocol analyzer, FFT or spectrum analyzer.

USB oscilloscope OWON-VDS-SeriesUSB oscilloscopes are are becoming increasingly popular. Nevertheless there is a wide range of instruments available starting from less than one hundred up to several thousands of dollars. The following comparison chart provides a list of products with some important selection criteria. The list covers products in the low-end price range from 100 to 500 USD and with a bandwidth of at least 50 MHz. Most of USB PC scopes are pure digital oscilloscopes (DSO) but some offer also mixed-signal functions (MSO) or even additional features such as arbitrary waveform generator (AWG), logic analyzer, protocol analyzer or spectrum analyzer.

BitScope Micro USB oscilloscope and Raspberry PiAre you looking for something special? There are some instruments available on the market that offer many additional functions or unique features conventional oscilloscopes do not have. Examples are oscilloscopes with 8 or 80 channels, 16 bit resolution (conventional scopes have only 8 bit), a mini USB scope with function generator, spectrum, logic and protocol analyzer weighing just 12 grams, a combination of oscilloscope and power analyzer or a scope integrating 5 other instruments.

The following list shows which oscilloscope manufacturer supplies which kind of instruments. The frequency in the header specifies the maximum bandwidth. In this list we considered only manufacturers offering scopes with a bandwidth of more than 100 MHz. In case of USB, PXI/PXIe, and LXI we regarded only instruments which are explicitly specified as oscilloscope. There are many other instruments available which are specified as digitizer oder data acquisition modules and might be suitable for some applications.

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