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Tektronix Python04 December 2023 - Tektronix announced the introduction of an open-source Python instrument driver package. Available free of charge, the package provides a native Python user experience for instrument automation. With integration into daily workflows and utilizing it with a preferred Integrated Development Environment (IDE), customers can now experience the power of auto-complete, precise type hinting, comprehensive built-in help, real-time syntax checking and enhanced debugging capabilities, resulting in unparalleled capabilities for seamless instrument automation.

Siglent SDS7000A20 November 2023 - SIGLENT released its new flagship oscilloscope SDS7000A. SDS7000A provides 4 analog channels and 16 digital channels, with bandwidths of 3GHz and 4GHz. The maximum sampling rate is 20GSa/s, the vertical resolution is 12-bit (by hardware), the standard acquisition memory depth is 500 Mpts per channel. This can be upgraded to 1 Gpts/ch. The noise floor is as low as 220μVrms at 4 GHz bandwidth. The waveform capture rate can go up to 1 million wfm/s, which speed up capturing abnormal events. The Scope has a 15.6-inch high-definition touch screen, which offers much space for analyzing various signals simultaneously and therefore help to improve the developers efficiency.

Pico SENT SPC Decoder08 November 2023 - Pico Technology, a provider of PC-based oscilloscopes and data acquisition solutions, announced the addition of the SENT SPC Protocol Decoder to the PicoScope 7 toolset. The new decoder enhances the automotive testing capabilities of the widely acclaimed PicoScope range of oscilloscopes. SENT (“Single Edge Nibble Transmission”) and the superset SENT SPC (“Short PWM Code”) protocols are widely used in automotive applications.

RS MXO531 October 2023 — With the all-new R&S MXO 5, Rohde & Schwarz continues to evolve its series of next-generation oscilloscopes, started with the successful R&S MXO 4 in 2022. The R&S MXO 5 is the company’s first eight-channel oscilloscope. The new R&S MXO 5 oscilloscopes are available with four or eight channels. Building on next-generation MXO-EP processing ASIC technology developed by Rohde & Schwarz and introduced with the R&S MXO 4, the new eight-channel R&S MXO 5 oscilloscopes take measurement performance to the next level.

QP PAM 409 October 2023 - Quantifi Photonics, a photonics test and measurement instrument manufacturer, has announced a new line of digital sampling oscilloscopes to launch in 2024. Quantifi Photonics’ new oscilloscope platform is designed to offer cost-effective performance and enable manufacturers of next-gen interconnects to overcome the critical testing roadblock of scaling production to high volumes. With ultra-low jitter performance and unparalleled instrument density it is ideally suited to perform high-precision measurements in parallel for optimized test throughput and reduced cost-of test in high-volume manufacturing applications.

Rigol DHO81415 September 2023 - Rigol introduced the Rigol DHO800/900 Oscilloscope Series, new 12-bit economical digital oscilloscopes. The oscilloscopes are very portable and offer the high-resolution needed today, based on Rigol's "Centaurus" technology platform. With a capture rate up to 1,000,000 wfms/s (in UltraAcquire Mode), and 25/50Mpts memory depth, the ultra-low noise floor of these scopes allows the detection of even small signal details.

Keysight MXR B14 September 2023 - Keysight Technologies announced the expansion of its industry-leading portfolio of Infiniium oscilloscopes with the new, hardware-accelerated Infiniium MXR B-Series, offering automated analysis tools that enable engineers to find anomalies quickly and shorten time to market. Built-in, automated test tools and hardware-accelerated analysis produce results at least 60% faster than most competitors.

TLC wavemaster8000hd 65ghz06 September 2023 – Teledyne LeCroy announced the launch of its new WaveMaster 8000HD high-bandwidth, high definition oscilloscope (HDO) platform with models from 20 to 65 GHz of bandwidth, 12 bits of resolution, up to 320 GS/s of sample rate and an industry-leading 8 gigapoints (Gpts) of acquisition memory. The new WaveMaster 8000HD retains the unrivaled validation and debug capabilities of its predecessor while adding new SDA Expert serial data analysis software options for testing next-generation serial data technologies.

Yokogawa DLM5000HD14 August 2023 - Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corporation released the DLM5000HD series high definition oscilloscopes. Positioned as a high-performance version of the DLM5000 series, the DLM5000HD series expands Yokogawa’s oscilloscope lineup with 500 MHz and 350 MHz frequency bandwidth models that deliver higher resolution for more accurate waveform analysis, and come with features that improve usability and enable easier setup.

BKP 2516B28 July 2023 - B&K Precision announced their latest iteration of handheld oscilloscopes, the 2510B Series. Comprised of four models, this new line of dual-channel oscilloscopes includes 100 MHz and 200 MHz bandwidth models. For industrial applications, the 2515B and 2516B provide full isolation between all inputs and safety ratings of 1000 V CAT II and 600 V CAT III. For general electronic applications, the 2511B and 2512B provide the same feature set in a non-isolated design and at a more affordable price point.

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