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RS MXO 5C15 May 2024 - Rohde & Schwarz extends its portfolio with a 2U high oscilloscope/digitizer tailored for rack mount and other applications where a low-profile form factor is critical. The new MXO 5C series is the company’s first oscilloscope without an integrated display. It delivers the same performance as the previously introduced MXO 5 series, but with a fourth of the vertical height.

Batronix Magnova29 April 2024 - German measurement technology distributor Batronix has developed its own 4-channel oscilloscope with up to 350 MHz bandwidth, the Magnova BMO350. The oscilloscope is available with a bandwidth of 100, 200 or 350 MHz and features a 1.6 GSa/s sampling rate, 12-bit A/D converter, 320 Mpts memory depth and 39.6 cm touch display with full HD resolution (1920x1080 pixels). It can be upgraded to an MSO with 16 channel logic analyser and 1 channel 90 MHz function generator. Batronix has broken new ground in the development of the Magnova. It is not just another oscilloscope, everything has been redesigned from the ground up.

Tek SignalVU MSO626 April 2024 - Tektronix released its SignalVu Spectrum Analyzer Software, Version 5.4, for multi-channel modulation analysis of up to eight signals in parallel. Engineers can use this software to turn their existing oscilloscope into a comprehensive wireless system tester, instead of investing in a dedicated tester such as a vector signal analyzer. It is particularly valuable for applications requiring time-domain analysis with RF measurements. The package runs on Tektronix 5 Series MSO, 6 Series MSO or DPO70000 oscilloscopes.

GWInstek MPO2204P25 March 2024 - Saelig Company introduced the GW Instek MPO-2000 Series Multifunction Programmable Oscilloscopes. These instruments combine, in one space-saving box, a full-featured oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer, an arbitrary waveform generator, a digital multimeter, and a 2-channel 20VDC power supply. In addition to its five-in-one multi-functional architecture, it features Python script functionality into the MPO-2000, enabling users to create a small, low-cost automated test system without an external controlling PC. Python is widely used in scientific computing, data analysis, web development, artificial intelligence, and other fields since it is easy to learn and use.

Tektronix CANXL20 March 2024 - Tektronix announced the release of the Tektronix CAN XL (Controller Area Network Extended Length) protocol decoder, enabling engineers incorporating the latest generation of CAN communications, and helping Tektronix customers compete in today’s fast-changing technology landscape. With the ability to decode signals representing data packets transmitted using CAN XL frames in a CAN network, the Tektronix CAN XL protocol decoder runs on today’s 4, 5, 6 Series MSO Oscilloscopes and also offers critical features such as error detection, analysis and debugging of timing and protocol headers.

RS OscilloscopeDays18 March 2024 - Rohde & Schwarz announced that its popular Oscilloscope Days educational event will return for two days, April 17 to 18, 2024. Experts from Rohde & Schwarz and partner companies will present the latest updates on fundamentals and test features for engineers using next-generation oscilloscopes, covering topics such as power electronics and EMC, as well as signal and power integrity.

Siglent SDS 1 3 808 March 2024 - SIGLENT launched three new series of oscilloscopes designed to improve signal fidelity, visualization, and analysis. These latest additions complete the lineup of oscilloscopes of Siglent, each equipped with advanced 12-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and designed for signal quality. With bandwidths ranging from 70 MHz to 4 GHz, Siglent’s high resolution oscilloscopes now provide outstanding signal fidelity for a wide range of applications including power, EMI, frequency analysis, embedded design, and failure analysis.

Pico 6000E16 February 2024 - Pico Technology introduced the PicoScope 6428E-D oscilloscope, a cutting-edge device designed for applications demanding superior performance in signal analysis. The new oscilloscope extends the capabilities of the existing PicoScope 6000E Series, making it an ideal tool for scientists and researchers working in high-energy physics, LIDAR, VISAR, spectroscopy, accelerators, and other high-speed applications.

PicoTech Release705 February 2024 - Pico Technology has added four new features to its flagship PicoScope 7 oscilloscope software. The new features are designed to empower engineers who are debugging, characterizing, and verifying operational reliability of their complex electronic and automotive designs. PicoScope 7 is available to download free of charge, compatible with all current PicoScope models and many legacy models.

Keysight Probes02 February 2024 - Keysight Technologies introduced the InfiniiMax 4 Series high-bandwidth oscilloscope probes, expanding its portfolio of high-frequency probes to cover bandwidths up to 52 GHz. As the industry's only solution with a high-impedance probe head operating at more than 50 GHz, the InfiniiMax 4 series provides digital designers with a turn-key probing solution for high-speed digital, semiconductor, and wafer applications.

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