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TLC DispPort26 July 2021 – Teledyne LeCroy furthers its leadership in DisplayPort testing with with QualiPHY DisplayPort 2.0 source and sink compliance and DisplayPort AUX DME (Decode, Measure & Eye Diagram) oscilloscope software options. The new solution builds on the recently announced DisplayPort 2.0 Link Layer compliance test solution integrates BER test (BERT) with automated compliance and adds analysis of multi-lane 20 Gb/s video links.

Anritsu MP2110A21 July 2021 – Anritsu Corporation released the Signal Processing Software Option-098 adding upgraded functions for evaluating PAM4 differential electrical signals to the BERTWave Sampling Oscilloscope MP2110A. This new option supports standards-compliant measurement of IEEE 802.3 optical-module electrical interfaces, speeding up communications in data centers and mobile networks by upgrading evaluation efficiency for 50 to 400G optical modules using PAM4 technology.

RS RTO602 July 2021 - Rohde & Schwarz added the all-new and redesigned R&S RTO6 oscilloscope to its R&S RTO family. Featuring an updated user interface on a larger, 15.6-inch Full HD touchscreen and straightforward workflows, it speeds up daily measurement tasks. The R&S RTO6 delivers deep insights into designs on the engineer's workbench with state-of-the-art specifications such as an outstanding 9.4 ENOB, an unparalleled update rate of one million waveforms per second as well as a comprehensive toolset of analysis functions.

TEK 7530 June 2021 - Tektronix celebrates a milestone 75 years, as the famed Oregon-grown company reflects upon its legacy as a technology pioneer and status as a current industry leader. Tektronix was established in 1946 by C. Howard Vollum and Melvin J. Murdock with the creation of the world's first time-base triggered oscilloscope. Renowned globally for its contributions to major technology breakthroughs, from the invention of color television to space exploration, Tektronix is credited as one of the most influential test and measurement companies in history.

TiePie HS611 June 2021 - TiePie engineering introduced the Handyscope HS6, a USB 3.0 oscilloscope packed with technology. This new four channel high resolution low noise oscilloscope is available in models with 200 MSa/s up to 1 GSa/s sampling rate, with several features that are unique to TiePie engineering. The Handyscope HS6 has a flexible resolution that can be set from 8 bit to 16 bit, allowing to perform high resolution measurements. With its high accuracy (0.25 %) and low noise (240 µVrms), measured signals are presented with high fidelitty.

Tek USB C20 May 2021 – Tektronix announced three new testing solutions for USB Type-C. The new transmitter automated test solutions are designed to meet the demanding requirements of next-generation technologies for large, rapid data transfers and low-latency video displays. Tektronix USB4, Thunderbolt 4 and DisplayPort 2.0 automated compliance and debugging solutions address the most common challenges design engineers face, including test time, signal integrity and Device Under Test (DUT) control.

12 May 2021 – Teledyne LeCroy launched MAUI Studio Pro, a versatile PC-based oscilloscope analysis software. This new PC software improves productivity and collaboration by allowing engineers to connect remotely to Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes while replicating their oscilloscope work environment on their PC.

03 May 2021 — Rohde & Schwarz announced the Oscilloscope Days seminar event. Held in May 2021 and catering to electronics engineers from around Europe and beyond, participation at the Oscilloscope Days 2021 is free. The live sessions will be streamed simultaneously in English, German, French and Russian. The event is organized by Rohde & Schwarz in partnership with Würth Elektronik and Farnell.

Pico 6000E27 April 2021 - Pico Technology announced four new 4-channel models of its PicoScope 6000E Series mixed-signal oscilloscopes (MSOs), each of which can be configured with 16 optional digital channels. With bandwidths of 750 MHz or 1 GHz, 8-bit or 8/10/12-bit Flexible Resolution and up to 4 GS deep capture memory, these products enhance the existing PicoScope 6000E portfolio, adding to the 350 MHz and 500 MHz models that were introduced in 2020.

TLC HDO6000B23 April 2021 – Teledyne LeCroy unveiled the newest additions to its High Definition Oscilloscope family: the HDO6000B Series. The HDO6000B is the first oscilloscope to integrate Waveform Generation and Spectrum analysis into an instrument with uncompromised 12 bit resolution and a vibrant 15.6” display. It covers the range from 350 MHz to 1 GHz bandwidth and offers a sample rate of 10 GS/s and long memories of up to 250 Megapoints.

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