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RS RTO200017 July 2020 - With radar, lidar and camera sensors present in automobiles, time sensitivity on networks becomes extremely important, as vast amounts of sensor data need to be transferred and processed within a few milliseconds. Test and measurement expert Rohde & Schwarz and time-sensitive networks specialist, TSN Systems have successfully cooperated on precise timing measurements for in-vehicle networks using automotive Ethernet 100BASE-T1.

Keysight N7019A USB Fixture15 July 2020 - Keysight Technologies announced new USB4 solutions that maximize the performance of USB designs and ensure compliance with the USB standard to deliver accuracy and high signal fidelity. The solutions include transceiver and receiver test software, USB Type-C Active Link Fixture and protocol trigger and decode.

23 June 2020 - Oscilloscope probes are a key part of the measurement chain. Some measurements would not even be possible without probes e.g. current measurements or high voltage measurements. So don’t forget to have a special look on the probes when you setup a measurement. On OScopes.info we published over the years a large variety of information on oscilloscope probes and probing in different forms: news, whitepapers, application notes, videos and webinars. Following we have compiled an overview for you.

19 June 2020 - The new OScilloscope KnowledeBase of OScopes.info, a whitepaper and application note library focusing on oscilloscopes, is growing and includes meanwhile more than 50 whitepapers and application notes. In addition it was enhanced to include also YouTube videos and webinars.

PicoScope 6000E26 May 2020 - Pico Technology announced three new 4-channel models of its PicoScope 6000E Series oscilloscopes, each of which can be configured with 16 optional digital channels. With bandwidths of 300 or 500 MHz, 8-bit or 8/10/12-bit flexible resolution and up to 4 GS deep capture memory, these products enhance the existing PicoScope 6000E portfolio, adding to the 8-channel models that were introduced earlier in the year.

Keysight MXR Series14 May 2020 - Keysight Technologies announced the first oscilloscope with 8 analog channels at 6 GHz and 16 simultaneous digital channels, enabling customers to reduce test bench and workflow complexity to achieve higher performance as well as accurate and repeatable multi-channel measurements in a single instrument.

13 May 2020 - To provide our readers additional information about how to use oscilloscopes and how to solve their measurement challenges we enhanced OScopes with the new "KnowledgeBase" Application Note and Whitepaper Library. It includes a full text search and selection functions to fast and easy identify articles containing the information our readers are looking for.

Pico Probes Holder12 May 2020 - Oscilloscopes with more than two channels present humans with a common problem: none of us have enough hands to hold more than two oscilloscope probes in place. This is especially an issue when using an 8-channel oscilloscope such as the new PicoScope 6800E devices, so it was particularly important for Pico Technology to address it.

Tek TBS200004 May 2020 - Tektronixy announced the new TBS2000B Series of Digital Storage Oscilloscopes that was developed to meet the performance, usability and affordability needs of both engineers and educators. The TBS2000B scopes extend the performance of the TBS2000 portfolio to 200 MHz with 2GS/s maximum sample rate.

GW GDS 1000B24 April 2020 - GW Instek added the GDS-1202B to its GDS-1000B series of digital oscilloscopes, which included so far 100/70/50MHz bandwidth options. The GDS-1202B is a 200MHz dual channel model intended to the educational market and users with basic test requirements.

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