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TLC USB C Connector07 June 2022 – Teledyne LeCroy announced USB Type-C High-speed and Sideband Test Coupon Fixtures that provide the industry’s first oscilloscope solution for high-speed probing and analysis of an active data link at the USB Type-C connector. Additional connection to a Teledyne LeCroy protocol analyzer provides complete debug capability of any USB Type-C link negotiation failure.

USB Type-C devices undergo negotiation when connected to the host device to establish a proper connection at the highest possible speed. Failures during the negotiation may result in improper device operation, lower than advertised speeds, suboptimal or no power delivery between the host and device, or a faulty display. These negotiation failures are difficult to debug because the failures could be electrical (PHY) related, protocol (logic) related or a combination of both (PHY-Logic). Hardware Engineers use oscilloscopes to validate PHY compliance, and Firmware Engineers use protocol analyzers to validate system interoperability. System Integration Engineers need to use both oscilloscopes and protocol analyzers together to debug PHY-Logic layer and sideband negotiation problems. Until now, there has been no single solution that permits simple connection of oscilloscopes and protocol analyzers for simultaneous assessment of USB-C PHY layer and protocol layers.

Teledyne LeCroy TF-USB-C-HS High-speed and TF-USB-C-SB Sideband Test Coupon Fixtures provide a simple and transparent means to simultaneously connect signals to both an oscilloscope and a protocol exerciser/analyzer. The test coupon fixtures replace a standard USB Type-C cable in the system under test, enabling users to probe all high-speed data and sideband signals in an active link as they travel between the device under test (DUT) and another host/device, or between the DUT and a protocol exerciser/analyzer. The oscilloscope (for example, a Teledyne LeCroy Wavemaster 8 Zi-B) acquires, triggers on and decodes the electrical signals, while the protocol analyzer (for example, a Teledyne LeCroy Voyager M4X or M310e protocol exerciser/analyzer) simultaneously assesses the protocol communications.

The TF-USB-C-HS High-speed and TF-USB-C-SB Sideband Test Coupon Fixtures uniquely support link failure debug for USB 3.2, USB4, Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4, DisplayPort 1.4 and DisplayPort 2.0 over USB-C.


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