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TLC USB404 November 2022 – Teledyne LeCroy announced support for USB4 Version 2.0 physical layer compliance and validation with updates to its QualiPHY compliance test software and SDAIII-CompleteLinQ Serial Data Analysis software to support testing of new USB 80 Gbps data transfer speeds over the USB Type-C cable and connector.

User demand for higher performance displays, docks, hubs and storage, and a desire to maintain compatibility to the widely adopted USB Type-C connector, has led the USB Promoter Group to introduce USB4 Version 2.0, which doubles the existing USB4 data rate from USB 40 Gbps to USB 80 Gbps by using three-level pulse amplitude modulation (PAM3). The faster data transfer speeds add complexity to the testing required to ensure interoperability between USB hosts and devices.

To meet developers’ needs for testing to this new version of USB, Teledyne LeCroy has added support for the increased data rates and new USB4 Version 2.0 test requirements to its QPHY-USB4-Tx-Rx physical layer compliance test software. Additionally, Teledyne LeCroy has added USB4 Version 2.0 PAM3 jitter and eye diagram analysis capabilities as an option to its widely used SDAIII-CompleteLinQ serial data jitter, eye diagram, noise and crosstalk analysis software.

QualiPHY automates USB4 (Universal Serial Bus 4) physical layer (PHY) testing in accordance with the USB-IF USB4 and Thunderbolt 3 CTS (Compliance Test Specifications) over the USB Type-C connector. The Teledyne LeCroy LabMaster SDA 10 Zi-A Oscilloscope, WavePulser 40iX High-speed Interconnect Analyzer, and Anritsu MP1900A Signal Quality Analyzer-R BERT (Bit Error Rate Tester) compose a comprehensive system that provides USB4 test engineers with an integrated electrical test solution.


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