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TLC PCIe EDSFF05 January 2022 - Teledyne LeCroy announced PCI Express 5.0 EDSFF interposers for analysis of Enterprise & Datacenter Small Form Factor (EDSFF) E1.S, E1.L, E3.x type solid-state drives (SSDs) and devices. These EDSFF interposers work in combination with the Summit family of PCI Express 5.0 protocol analyzers to test product designs that utilizes the PCIe 5.0, NVM Express (NVMe) and Compute Express Link (CXL) protocol technologies with data rates up to 32 GT/s and link widths up to x16. The PCIe 5.0 EDSFF interposers include Teledyne LeCroy's CrossSync PHY technology, enabling users to debug enhanced power management and link training equalization, through correlated and time aligned physical and protocol layer views.

EDSFF devices designed for high performance systems make up an important and growing segment of the enterprise and datacenter storage devices market. Based on the PCIe 5.0, NVMe and CXL specifications, the EDSFF interface can support speeds of up to 32GT/s. Now design and test engineers can test, identify issues, and optimize EDSFF (E1.S, E1.L, E3.x) type memory systems and solid-state drive performance using Teledyne LeCroy PCIe 5.0 EDSFF interposers.

A CrossSync PHY-capable interposer probes a live PCI Express link for simultaneous capture of both oscilloscope and protocol analyzer traces, providing insight into protocol-directed electrical behaviors to design and validation engineers. The CrossSync PHY software option for Teledyne LeCroy LabMaster and WaveMaster oscilloscopes enables the oscilloscope's MAUI user interface to be viewed directly alongside the industry-standard Teledyne LeCroy CATC protocol trace. The combination of the interposer and the software option permits the oscilloscope and protocol analyzer traces to be viewed, navigated, and analyzed in a time-correlated way unique to Teledyne LeCroy.


Three new PCIe 5.0 EDSFF Interposer models, which can be optionally upgraded with CrossSync PHY support, have been added to the Teledyne LeCroy PCI Express test solutions product line:

  • PE243UIA-X - PCIe 5.0 4-lanes EDSFF E1.S Interposer
  • PE241UIA-X - PCIe 5.0 8-lanes EDSFF E1.L Interposer
  • PE240UIA-X - PCIe 5.0 16-lanes EDSFF E3.x Interposer

These interposers can connect with any of the Teledyne LeCroy PCIe 5.0 Summit protocol analyzers to capture and analyze PCIe bus traffic between a host backplane and SSD and/or CXL memory system. The new CrossSync PHY software option is supported with LeCroy LabMaster and WaveMaster oscilloscopes.

All products are available for immediate order.


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