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TLC DL ISO19 April 2022 – Teledyne LeCroy launched a new DL-ISO High Voltage Optically Isolated 1 GHz Probe and Power-Device test software, which when combined with their High Definition Oscilloscopes (HDO) offer the most accurate electrical characterization of gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductor devices. The new probe has the best signal fidelity, lowest overshoot and best accuracy — 1.5% when combined with Teledyne LeCroy’s industry-leading 12-bit resolution HDOs, nearly twice as good as the only competitor. The 1 GHz bandwidth meets requirements to measure GaN device 1 ns rise times.

HDOs also provide up to 20 GS/s sample rate at 12-bit resolution for the most faithful capture and display of high-speed GaN and SiC device signals. This combination of best signal fidelity, low overshoot, high accuracy, high bandwidth and high sample rate is critically important for successfully implementing GaN and SiC technologies in new designs. Teledyne LeCroy’s new Power-Device software package additionally simplifies the analysis of GaN and SiC devices with automated JEDEC switching loss and other measurements, and color-coded overlays to highlight the relevant, measured areas.

Price and Availability

The DL-ISO probes are offered in bandwidths of 350 MHz, 700 MHz and 1 GHz. Availability of the probe and Power-Device software is 14 weeks ARO.


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