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CS CS54817 June 2022 - Cleverscope introduced the CS548, a 2kV DC isolated channel oscilloscope designed to be useful anywhere isolation and high CMRR are needed - in particular power electronics, including on the high side. Using the CS1200 IsoPod allows a >30kV isolation. The new CS548 features 100 dB CMRR at 50 MHz, Frequency Response Analysis, Component LCR measurement, MSPS streaming to disk for days, high resolution spectra, sophisticated maths, Matlab and Excel live, external sampling clock, Ethernet or USB, Isolated Signal Generator, and mixed signal capture.

The CS548 supports - via the Cscope4 application- Frequency Response Analysis (using the built in isolated signal generator), Protocol decoding, Maths, streaming, Excel and Matlab connectivity, Spectrum Analysis, mixed signal triggering and display.

The CS548 can be used to make measurements of all high side nodes, do EMC measurements, check out start up behaviour, calculate power loss and switching energy, and examine message contents. It is part of a tool set that will do all the things needed to verify power electronics design, and then test it - as a prototype or in production.

Other features:

  • A software application, and DLL driver to control between 1 and 4 oscilloscopes as a single 4-16 channel oscilloscope, capable of streaming to hard disk, doing Time and Spectrum, Symbolic Maths, Matlab integration, FRA, Protocol Decoding and Signal Statistics. 
  • Four internal isolated input channels for measurement of signals with a common mode voltage change of 100V/ns at up to 2kV common mode.
  • Four remote channel sockets for use with the CS1200 remote IsoPod. The CS1200 is linked by fibre at up to 30m distance for use in high voltage enclosures (up to 30kV common mode). 
  • Really good resolution (14 bit) with noise free measurement of 1 part in 1300. 
  • An isolated signal generator, 0-65MHz, (also 100V/ns common mode) to do Frequency Response Analysis (FRA). Use it for stability analysis and gain/phase on working power electronics modules, Impedance measurement of power planes, inputs and outputs, and measurement of inductors and capacitors over frequency. 
  • Two pod high speed interfaces for I/O expansion. 
  • Two CS1301 Isolated digital input pods for measuring logic signals with high common mode voltages (1130V DC) - 4 digital inputs each for a total of 8 digital inputs.

The predecessor model CS448 is no longer available as a critical part is now EOL. It has been replaced by the CS548 with similar specs which is shipping in June.


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