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Keysight MXR B14 September 2023 - Keysight Technologies announced the expansion of its industry-leading portfolio of Infiniium oscilloscopes with the new, hardware-accelerated Infiniium MXR B-Series, offering automated analysis tools that enable engineers to find anomalies quickly and shorten time to market. Built-in, automated test tools and hardware-accelerated analysis produce results at least 60% faster than most competitors.

Engineers risk launching products susceptible to bugs and failures when they use an oscilloscope that cannot display the details of a signal. An oscilloscope with excellent signal integrity minimally affects the signal and displays the truest, granular details so engineers can test and debug products more confidently. Superior scope signal integrity combined with built-in, automated analysis tools enable engineers to reduce test and debug times and get to market faster.

Keysight's Infiniium MXR B-Series meets these needs by giving engineers built-in, automated debug tools such as zone triggering, fault detection, real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA), and a 50 MHz waveform generator. In addition, the MXR B-Series offers eight instruments in a single comprehensive, benchtop solution that conserves both bench space and budget. All features of the MXR B are upgradeable, allowing engineers to add capabilities as requirements change.

The new Infiniium MXR B-Series, covering up to 6 GHz, offers the following benefits:

  • Reduces test time with hardware-accelerated, automated analysis – Saves troubleshooting time by automating fault detection, design compliance testing, power integrity analysis, protocol decoding of more than 50 serial protocols, mask testing on all channels simultaneously, and more.
  • Displays the truest signal representation – Provides the maximum resolution possible with an industry-low noise floor, industry-high effective number of bits (ENOB), and exceptionally low system jitter that ensures accurate visualizations and confident measurements.
  • Empowers robust design development with uncompromised performance – Captures important events in the signal with an uncompromised update rate of greater than 200,000 waveforms per second (wfms/s), a fast sample rate of 16 Gigasamples per second (GSa/s), and bandwidth up to 6 GHz that does not decrease with channel usage. Competitive scopes in normal mode can only reach update rates of greater than1,200 wfms/s while maximum bandwidth and sample rates are limited to a subset number of channels.

Robert Saponas, Vice President, Keysight Digital Photonics Center of Excellence, said: "The MXR B-Series leverages the same hardware acceleration ASIC as Keysight's 110 GHz Infiniium UXR B-Series oscilloscopes to accelerate analysis, eye diagrams, and triggering with the excellent signal integrity you've come to expect from Keysight. Engineers designing complex systems can now get from symptom to root cause in a matter of minutes instead of hours."


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