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TLC HDO6000B23 April 2021 – Teledyne LeCroy unveiled the newest additions to its High Definition Oscilloscope family: the HDO6000B Series. The HDO6000B is the first oscilloscope to integrate Waveform Generation and Spectrum analysis into an instrument with uncompromised 12 bit resolution and a vibrant 15.6” display. It covers the range from 350 MHz to 1 GHz bandwidth and offers a sample rate of 10 GS/s and long memories of up to 250 Megapoints.

Industry trends like IoT and Embedded and Mobile computing place unique constraints on design engineers. Systems must deliver ever more functionality and consume ever less power. In these demanding applications, voltage, current, and power measurements must be made with increasing speed and precision. Smaller signal swings and lower margins combine to make extracting and analyzing those signals ever more challenging.

Teledyne LeCroy responded to these trends with its unique HD4096 technology. HD4096 brings together high sample rate 12-bit ADCs, high Signal to Noise amplifiers, and low noise system architecture. Oscilloscopes with HD4096 technology always provide 12 bits of vertical resolution.

“No digitizer is perfect,” says Robert Mart, Teledyne LeCroy’s Director of Product Marketing. “But compared with an eight-bit system, a twelve-bit system is sixteen times closer to perfect.”

Rivals use a variety of design approaches to increase resolution, which impose other performance tradeoffs and are thus unable to deliver 12 bits performance all the time.

The HDO6000B series is Teledyne LeCroy’s latest implementation of HD4096 technology. Covering the range from 350 MHz to 1 GHz bandwidth, the HDO6000B Series offers a sample rate of 10 GS/s and long memories of up to 250 Megapoints. The compact package has a significantly smaller footprint than its competitors, but still features a 15.6”, 1920x1080 display for the sharpest images of acquired signals. An optional internal generator creates standard and arbitrary waveforms, ideal for stimulating the device under test. Rounding out the package is the industry’s most complete toolbox of analysis functions. The HDO6000B is the first design ever to integrate all of this capability into an oscilloscope providing 12 bits all the time.

This extensive functionality is made easily accessible by the MAUI with OneTouch user interface. MAUI with OneTouch simplifies measurement setup and provides users with dramatically faster answers when debugging signal abnormalities. The instrument may also be controlled remotely using MAUI Studio, Teledyne LeCroy’s remote control and offline analysis tool.


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