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Pico Oscilloscope Demoboard20 December 2023 - Pico Technology introduces its Oscilloscope Training and Demo Board, a versatile tool designed to elevate and enhance the user experience with (mixed signal) oscilloscopes. This demo board is not just a teaching tool; it's a gateway to unlocking the oscilloscope’s full potential. Compatible with any oscilloscope manufacturer, it offers a comprehensive user manual guiding users through a series of exercises to boost problem-solving skills with complex real-world signals.

James Niblock, Pico's Director of Business Development, expresses his enthusiasm for the newly launched demo and training board, stating, "We are delighted to introduce this innovative tool to the market. Not only does it empower oscilloscope users to navigate the learning curve of new instrumentation, but it's designed to elevate productivity, minimize time to insight, and importantly, make the learning journey a fun and engaging experience for users to master their oscilloscope."

Key Features

  •   Versatile teaching tool compatible with any oscilloscope manufacturer.
  •   Built-in waveform generator for diverse signal demonstrations.
  •   Advanced triggering capabilities for precise signal analysis.
  •   Exploration of a broad range of signals, from RF to common serial protocols.
  •   Comprehensive user manual for effective hands-on learning.

Enhanced Learning Experience:

  •   Elevate problem-solving skills with real-world signal exercises.
  •   Master oscilloscope functionalities, from persistence mode to interface decoding.
  •   Unlock the full potential of your oscilloscope with practical experiments.

Customer testimonial: “I've been using an oscilloscope for years, but mostly with basic audio work. For more advanced triggering I needed to be told what to do. I've recently been interested in improving my understanding of my oscilloscope's abilities and triggering methods. This demo board has been a fantastic learning tool, and I'm very happy that I got it”.

As the ultimate test, the demo board houses a hidden message challenge. Users are encouraged to apply their newfound knowledge and decode the secret message embedded within.


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