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28 February 2023 - The oscilloscope probe is an essential part of the measurement chain. Some measurements would not even be possible without probes e.g. current measurements or high voltage measurements. So don’t forget to have a special look on the probes when you setup a measurement. On OScopes.info we published over the years a large variety of information on oscilloscope probes and probing in different forms: news, whitepapers, application notes, videos and webinars. Following we have compiled an overview for you.


News about Oscilloscope Probes:

Overview of more than 50 news about probes

Basic Articles about Oscilloscope Probes:

A simple method to verify the bandwidth of your probe

Oscilloscope Probes – Vital Link in the Measurement Chain

Whitepapers focussing on Oscilloscope Probes:

Getting the Most Out of 10x Passive Probes

How to tune (compensate) x10 oscilloscope probes

Power Measurements

Probes Primer (ABCs of Probes)

Probes & Probing

Realtime deembedding

Using current probes

Videos covering Oscilloscope Probes:

Using Oscilloscope Current Probes to measure IoT Power Consumption

How to Set Up Oscilloscope Probes, Vertical and Horizontal Scale

What is Probe Loading?

Webinars about Oscilloscope Probes:

Tips & tricks: power electronics – probing basics


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