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GWI GDS 3000A17 October 2022 - GW Instek announced the launch of a new flagship product of digital oscilloscopes, the GDS-3000A series, which has the maximum frequency bandwidth of 650MHz, a real-time sampling rate of up to 5GSa/s and a memory length of 200M points per channel, and a 10.2-inch display. The GDS-3000A series features a power analysis kit which provides 13 measurement functions dedicated to power measurement.

With the continuous expansion of new energy and electric vehicle issues in emerging markets, the analysis requirements of the technology industry for power measurement are becoming more and more complex. The power analysis kit of GDS-3000A series provides the abundant 13 measurement functions to assist engineers in Power Quality, Switching Loss, Harmonic Distortion, Ripple, Inrush Current, Modulation Analysis, Safe Operation Area, Transient Response, Power Efficiency, B-H Curve, Control Loop Analysis, Power Supply Rejection Ratio and Power On/Off Analysis. Through the built-in Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) APP and the control loop analysis function, engineers can effectively carry out related design, verification and testing.

In order to meet the needs of various types of applications, Kevin Meng, manager of the Oscilloscope R&D department of GW Instek, said that the GDS-3000A series not only provides a variety of measurement functions for time-domain signals, but also provides 1M-point FFT analysis and dual-channel spectrum analysis functions, which can be used to observe the spectrum on the two channels at the same time. The spectrum analysis function can individually set center frequency, frequency range and resolution bandwidth. The built-in Spectrogram function provides time variation analysis of frequency domain components. Simple operations and excellent computing performance facilitate engineers to quickly test and debug their designed time domain and frequency domain signals.

The GDS-3000A series features

I2C/SPI/UART/CAN/LIN serial bus trigger and decoding functions, a 25MHz arbitrary/function generator and a DVM/frequency counter. The built-in power socket is meticulously developed by GW Instek, which can supply power to GCP -530/1030 (DC-50/100MHz) or the same type of current probe. Engineers can directly connect the current probe to the built-in power supply socket for applications. There is no need to purchase an expensive power supply, and the burden of carrying a power supply while on the field can be eliminated.

GDS-3000A is equipped with RS232/USB/Ethernet and has an optional GPIB and complete remote control commands, which is ideal for system integrators to build various automated measurement systems. The flexible remote Web control function allows engineers to easily control and observe the oscilloscope screen through the network and browser at the remote end. With various operation modes, it is a good helper for engineers to improve work efficiency.

The GDS-3000A series includes also a logic analyzer with 1G sampling rate and 16 digital input channels is an option for mixed signal analysis.


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