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TLC MMA04 August 2021 – Teledyne LeCroy introduced instantaneous abg (Clarke) and dq0 (Park) waveform transformations to Motor Drive Analyzers and High-definition Oscilloscopes (HDOs) for motor control system analysis, cutting the time required to develop motor drives, PV inverters or power controllers. The dq0 Transformation software package is supported on MDA 8000HD, WaveRunner 8000HD, WavePro HD and HDO6000B oscilloscopes.

Motor drive, solar photovoltaic (PV) inverter and three-phase power control engineers create algorithms to continually assess system inputs, outputs and loads, providing appropriate instructions to the inverter subsection to ensure proper system operation. Control engineers simplify their assessment and control of three-phase systems by mathematically converting the rotating six-vector (three voltage and three current) system to a non-rotating four-vector system (via abg and then dq0 matrix math transformations) before making algorithmic calculations. Motor drive control engineers further convert the four-vector dq0 system to the motor’s rotor (shaft) reference frame so that instantaneous control of speed and torque is made directly at the output of the motor. Today, these control engineers assess system performance using off-line tools that perform the abg and dq0 matrix math transformations. Off-line tools require time-consuming export of waveform data to other programs and don’t provide real-time feedback of the interactions of the combined set of three-phase power, motor mechanical, control signals, and calculated abg and dq0 signals during dynamic operating conditions.

Teledyne LeCroy’s dq0 Transformation software package performs instantaneous abg (Clarke) and dq0 (Park) transformations on three-phase acquisitions made with their industry-leading high-definition oscilloscopes (HDOs) and Motor Drive Analyzers (MDAs). Control engineers can use the new package to compare actual system performance against expectations in real time and tune their algorithms to achieve better performance, all while using the same tool they use to validate and debug the rest of their electrical system.

The Teledyne LeCroy MDA further utilizes the motor shaft angle data calculated from a variety of sensor inputs to convert the dq0 transformation to the rotor (shaft) reference frame. This provides feedback to the control engineer about torque and speed as it is delivered at the output of the permanent-magnet motor shaft – a capability unique to Teledyne LeCroy. In all cases, time-correlated voltage and current waveforms for a, b, and g and d, q, and 0 values are displayed along with a table of the numeric values.

Price and Availability

The dq0 Transformation software package is supported on MDA 8000HD Motor Drive Analyzers, and on WaveRunner 8000HD, WavePro HD and HDO6000B oscilloscopes.


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