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Saker HVCP Probe16 September 2019 - SAKER announces the world’s first Rogowski fiber isolated current probe for measuring AC currents in high voltage areas, power electronics, medium voltage motors and electric grids. Its main applications are medium voltage power quality, distribution grids and medium voltage drives testing.

The HVCP current probe offers 1MHz bandwidth, low noise and a 100A to 500A measuring range. It is based on a Rogowski coil which is small, lightweight and can be tied around conductors without breaking the current path. As a novelty the current sensor is attached to the probe head box. Isolation with fiber optics is advantageous not only from the voltage isolation point of view, but is also immune to typical radiated interferences and capacitances created when using long coaxial measuring cables, so this solution is also well suited to high EMI environments.

When not in use the emitter can be configured into standby mode remotely from the receiver, which reduces power consumption, increases battery duration and increases user safety by avoiding manipulation within potentially hazardous high voltage areas. The receiver also signals the user of a possible low battery condition both in the transmitter and the receiver.

SAKER also offers customization in the HVCP series for those clients who may need different specifications.


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