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Rigol DS7000026 November 2021 - Rigol launched the dual screen DS70000 Ultra Vision III oscilloscope featuring 20 GSa/s based on a new capture chipset. The DS70000 Series is part of the StationMax program and uses the new Phoenix ASIC platform to achive higher sample rate, increased memory depth, faster waveform capture rate and better vertical resolution. The new Phoenix chipset was developed in-house and forms the analog front-end.

The DS70000 series provides four analog channels and features a sample rate up to 20 GSa/s. Two models (DS70300 and DS70500) with frequency ranges of 3 GHz and 5 GHz are available.

The DS70000 design provides two touch screens, a capacitive 15.6-inch angle-adjustable colour touchscreen which can also be splitted into different windows and a 3.5-inch touch screen used for the control menu. For all channels a memory depth of up to 2 GPts is available. A signal acquisition rate of up to 1 MWfms/s enables ceaseless real-time recording and playback of signals with up to 2 Mframes.

The vertical resolution can be changed between 8 bit and 16 bit resolution. Also two types of spectrum analysis are available: normal FFT analysis using 1 mio sample points to display the frequency spectrum and an enhanced FFT using a very fast calculation speed of 10.000 FFT/sec for real time spectrum analysis.

The DS70000 series features also protocol analysis for serial buses in automotive electronics such as CAN-FD, SENT, FlexRay, LIN, RS232, SPI and an analysis of switching power applications. The oscilloscopes include also real-time eye diagram, jitter analysis software and display of the jitter trend.

Various interfaces such as USB3.0 Host, USB Device, HDMI, LAN, 10 G SFP+ and TRIG OUT, 10 MHz IN/OUT, AUX OUT and USB-GPIB (option) are available. In addition the oscilloscope offers a web-control interface for remote control.


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