Oscilloscope News

Rigol-DS1000Z03 March 2014 - RIGOL Technologies presents a mixed signal extension to the DS1000Z and DS2000A Digital Oscilloscopes series. The oscilloscopes offer a bandwidth from 70MHz to 300MHz and a specially designed analog front end with a lower noise floor and a wider vertical range (MSO2000A only 500 uV/div to 10 V/div) at full bandwidth. The instruments also leverage Rigol’s innovative "UltraVision" technologies from the DS6000 series.

The Sample Rate is 1 GS/s for 8 DIO´s and 500MS/s for 16 DIO´s. The wfrm/s waveform capture rate along with the 256 level intensity grading display allows to quickly identify see infrequent events on the large 8" colour display. Also included now is the multi-language GUI (user interface) to configure the scope. Thin and lightweight, the MSO series devices are perfect for tight spaces or for those who need a powerful portable oscilloscope.

With the optional built-in 2 channel 25MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator (-S) it is easy to download acquired data and run for stimulation directly out of this built-in generator for specific test solutions.


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