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Rigol-MSO-DS2000A03 April 2014 - RIGOL Technologies EU GmbH introduces the DS2000A-(S) series digital oscilloscope with a bandwidth from 70MHz to 300MHz. The specially designed analog front end delivers a lower noise floor and a wider vertical range (500 uV/div to 10 V/div) at full bandwidth.

It also leverages Rigol’s innovative "UltraVision" technologies from the DS6000 series with up to 2GSa/s sample rate and up to 56Mpts memory depth, so that it’s easy to capture long time signals with higher timing resolution.

Up to 50,000 wfms/s waveform capture rate with the 256 level intensity grading display enables you to see the infrequent events quickly. The standard hardware-based real time waveform record, replay and analysis function is a powerful debug tool to find anomalies easily.

With up to 16 trigger functions including Runt, Setup/hold, Windows, Nth Edge, etc. and automatic measurements with statistics, Rigol's DS2000A-(S) series is perfect for a broad range of applications. These digital oscilloscopes feature serial bus trigger and decodes such as I2C, SPI, RS232, CAN-Bus as well as advanced math functions. Rigol also offers a variety of active and passive probes and other accessories. The serial bus trigger is a standard feature, while decoding is an option.

Featuring an easy-to-read, large 8" colour display, the DS2000A-(S) series offers also a multi-language GUI (user interface) to configure the scope. With the optional built-in 2 channel 25MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator (-S) it is easy to download acquired data and run for stimulation directly out of this built-in generator for specific test solutions.

DS2000A-S Series oscilloscopes are available in 70 MHz, 100 MHz, 200 MHz, 300 MHz and 2 channels varieties. New 1MOhm/50 Ohm input impedance is switchable.


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