Oscilloscope News

NI-5171R25 November 2014 - National Instruments introduced with the NI PXIe-5171R a reconfigurable oscilloscope with eight calibrated analog input channels, 250 MHz bandwidth, 250 MS/s sample rate, and 14-bit resolution. The PXIe-5171R is a general-purpose module that features a user-programmable FPGA for inline signal processing, protocol decoding, and advanced trigger schemes without dead time.

The oscilloscope offers also a software-selectable 100 MHz anti-alias filter. All channels are individually programmable for AC or DC coupling and offer an input range between 200 mVpp and 5 Vpp.

The eight programmable digital I/O lines can be used for trigger or timing signals or to communicate with other hardware or the device under test using serial protocols like I2C or SPI or proprietary communication schemes.

The high-throughput PXI Express x8 Gen2 interface of the PXIe-5171R is capable of streaming 3.2 GB/s across the PXI bus to the host to, for example, stream acquired data to a RAID system.

Built on LabVIEW FPGA, the software for the PXIe-5171R features LabVIEW sample projects as starting points for your application. These open software starting points include default LabVIEW FPGA personalities and prebuilt FPGA bitfiles to help you get started quickly and fully customize them.


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