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Rigol-MSO-DS2000A28 November 2014 – Rigol Technologies EU has released a new PC Software, which enables users to perform standard measurements on switching power supplies. This software, in combination with Rigol oscilloscopes (series DS/MSO2000A, DS4000 or DS6000) allows customers to set up small test systems, which represent a reasonably priced alternative for measuring switching power supply parameters during the development phase.

Switching power supplies are commonly used in both, the electronics and consumer industry. Various parameters of these power supplies have to be measured and compared with limits during the development and also during the production phase. All built-in switching power supplies must be tested and have to be compliant with the European standard IEC61000-3-2.

Similar to the EMI testing (CISPR-Norm) there is also a split between pre-compliance test (mostly during the development phase) und compliance test (Certification).

Rigol is now able to offer a very competitive pre-compliance test solution for the EMI field as well as a solution for the “power analysis” area. The test system consists of a special PC software, an oscilloscope, as well as a current probe and a voltage probe for connection with the test object.

There are three areas of measurements implemented in the software:

1. Measurements at the input

- Power Quality

- Harmonics (IEC61000-3-2)

- In-rush Current

2. Measurements at the „Switch“

- Switch Loss

- Save Operating Area

- Modulation

3. Measurements at the output

- Output Analysis of the Switching Power Supply.

Similar to the EMC pre-compliance testing during the design phase, the costs for certification and the time to market can be reduced with Rigol’s new test solution.


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