Oscilloscope News

Bitscope-Probe-Adapter17 December 2014 - The new BitScope Micro Port 01 (MP01) is a universal mixed signal I/O adapter for BitScope Micro. It connects standard oscilloscope probes to the BitScope Micro Mixed Signal Oscilloscope. Any passive probe with 1:1, 10:1 or other attenuation ratios can be used. It supports active differential, current or any other type of probe which is BNC terminated and designed for a standard oscilloscope.

Bitscope-Probe-Adapter-2MP01 is not just for oscilloscope probes. It also allows the use of BNC coaxial cables for connection with other lab equipment and it connects the logic inputs and waveform and clock generator outputs via a 16-pin connector between the BNC sockets.

When used with MP01 it means BitScope Micro can be configured and used in many different ways; as a compact dual channel digital storage oscilloscope, an 8 channel logic analyzer, a mixed signal data acquisition system, a waveform and/or clock generator, a configurable automated test system or various combinations of these.


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