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TLC WaveSurfer3000e05 February 2015 - Teledyne LeCroy introduces additional multi-instrument capabilities for the WaveSurfer 3000 oscilloscopes. The new options include CAN and LIN trigger and decode capabilities for the protocol analyzer and additional arbitrary waveform generation capabilities for the WaveSource function generator. Also the new digital voltmeter (DVM) capabilities activate an integrated 4-digit digital voltmeter and 5-digit frequency counter that operate through the same probes already attached to the oscilloscope channels.

Automotive Protocol Analysis

New protocol analysis capabilities with CAN and LIN trigger and decode enable engineers and technicians working with these standards to gain unprecedented insight in to their systems, correlating physical layer signals and protocol layer data on a single display. The CAN and LIN trigger can isolate Frame IDs, specific data packets, remote frames and error frames. The decodes use a color coded overlay that clearly identifies different parts of the data being captured, allowing the user to quickly identify different parts of the CAN and LIN data such as Frame IDs, status bits, and message data.

Arbitrary Waveform Generation

Generating arbitrary waveforms is critical for complete design debug and validation. With new capabilities in the built-in WaveSource function generator, arbitrary waveforms can be generated by loading .csv files saved from an oscilloscope or offline waveform creation software. These arbitrary waveforms can then be controlled, manipulated, and output directly from the WaveSurfer for use in closed loop circuit analysis.

Digital Voltmeter

Measuring and monitoring voltage levels is easy with the digital voltmeter capability of the WaveSurfer 3000. This new feature provides real-time measurements that can be viewed on the screen at all times even when the oscilloscope is not triggering. A dedicated DVM user interface is available for set up and more measurement details. The DVM option is offered as a free software download for all WaveSurfer 3000 users.


The WS3K-AUTO package for the WaveSurfer 3000 includes both CAN and LIN Trigger and Decode capabilities and has a price of $990. The arbitrary waveform capabilities of the WaveSource are included with the function generator option and available to existing WaveSurfer 3000 customers with the WaveSource option through a free software update. The DVM capability can be downloaded at no charge by visiting teledynelecroy.com/redeem/dvm.


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