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RS RTM20005 March 2015 -- Rohde & Schwarz has added the R&S RTM-K18 spectrum analysis and spectrogram option to its R&S RTM oscilloscope family, making the R&S RTM the only oscilloscope in its class that can analyze the time domain while simultaneously analyzing the spectrum, logic and serial protocol. Interactions such as those that occur in electronic devices with RF components are quickly analyzed in a single measurement. Time and spectrum analyses can be configured completely independently of one another due to separate implementation of the signal paths.

This means that users can simultaneously analyze signal details that differ in time and frequency, with the optimum settings for each. Like a spectrum analyzer, important parameters such as center frequency and resolution bandwidth can be specifically configured to match each measurement task. The hardware-implemented digital downconverter (DDC) reduces the spectrum to the components relevant for analysis. As a result, the R&S RTM offers the fastest and most reactive analysis of embedded designs in its class.

Additional displays for min. hold, max. hold and average, as well as markers for automatic peak value searches, support the user during spectrum analysis. Changes in the spectrum over time or sporadic unwanted signals are immediately visible in the spectrogram display. The amplitudes versus frequency and time are color coded.

With the R&S RTM-K15 history and segmented memory option, users can load all acquisition components from the 460 MSa deep memory and analyze them with the R&S RTM measurement functions.

The R&S RTM portfolio, which already consists of models with 200 MHz, 350 MHz and 500 MHz bandwidth, now includes two-channel and four-channel models with 1 GHz bandwidth. All models offer an excellent analog characteristics with true 1mV/div at the full bandwidth and full ADC resolution with exceedingly low 270 µV noise.


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