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Tektronix DSA830020 March 2015 - Tektronix launched a new high sensitivity Clock Recovery Trigger Pickoff (CRTP) option for its 100G broad wavelength 80C15 Optical Sampling Module for use with DSA8300 Digital Serial Analyzer sampling oscilloscopes. This is the first and only test solution with signal sensitivity sufficient to test optical devices and perform clock recovery required by the recently approved 100GBASE-SR4 (IEEE 802.3bm) specification.

The IEEE 802.3bm specification targets shorter distance 100 Gb/s optical links using lower-cost, lower-power equipment in conjunction with multimode fiber. The specification presents a number of test challenges and requires an optical-to-electrical converter with high enough sensitivity to capture very low power signals. Until now, such a solution has not been available, limiting test configurations to higher power measurements only.

With the 80C15 Optical Sampling Module and option CRTP, Tektronix now offers the industry's best optical signal analysis solution for 100G Ethernet standards both single-mode (SM) and multi-mode (MM) optics, with sensitivity to accurately measure signals with power as low as -9 dBm (-8.5dBm with Clock Recovery). The 80C15 offers the industry's lowest noise, making it well suited for testing many other 100G standards such as the new 100GBASE-SR4 (IEEE 802.3bm) and the popular 100GBASE-ER4/LR4 (IEEE 802.3ba) as well as emerging 400GBASE-xR8 (IEEE 802.3bs) 400 Gb/s standards.

When installed in the Tektronix DSA8300 Digital Signal Analyzer sampling oscilloscopes, the 80Cxx family of optical modules provide complete optical test solutions for Telecom (100 Mb/s to 40+0 Gb/s) and DataCom (Ethernet, FibreChannel and InfiniBand) applications, as well as general-purpose optical component testing. Key features include an optical-to-electrical converter, average power monitor, optional clock recovery, and inputs supporting SM and MM fibers from 9 to 62.5um.

The 80C15 module provides over 32 GHz full bandwidth and fully integrated compliance filters, enabling conformance testing of both SM and MM fibers at broad wavelengths from 800nm – 1600nm. The module includes Optical filters which support the following rates: 22 Gb/s 25.781 Gb/s (100GBASE-ER4, -LR4, -SR4, InfiniBand EDR); 27.952 Gb/s (OTU-4), and 28.05 Gb/s (32G Fibre Channel)

"Tektronix continues to work closely with standards bodies across the technology landscape to ensure that we are delivering the right test solutions at the right time," said Brian Reich, general manager, Performance Oscilloscopes, Tektronix. "At the same time, we have embraced the need to minimize noise in the signal path to give our customers complete confidence in measurement results. As demonstrated by this latest introduction, we are the clear leader in providing solutions with the highest sensitivity and lowest noise in the industry today."

Pricing & Availability

The 80C15 sampling module with Option CRTP is available now worldwide. Prices for the module start at $55,000 US MSRP.


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