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TLC USB3p130 March 2015 – Teledyne LeCroy introduces the QPHY-USB3.1-Tx-Rx package for automated USB 3.1 transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx) ing, characterization, and debug, creating a unique and comprehensive USB 3.1 test suite. With the new test package, USB 3.1 testing can be performed on both Gen1 (5 Gb/s) and Gen2 (10 Gb/s) devices under test according to the latest USB 3.1 specifications.

Tx testing is performed using a high-bandwidth 16 GHz oscilloscope while Rx testing is performed using the Protocol Enabled Receiver and Transmitter Tolerance Tester (PeRT3). The new QPHY-USB3.1-Tx-Rx software leverages the QualiPHY automated test framework which provides connection diagrams, automated oscilloscope operation, and report generation.

Integrated Transmitter/Receiver Test Solution

Combining the powerful capabilities of a Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscope with the unique features of the PeRT3, creates an integrated Tx/Rx solution. For example, the QPHY-USB3.1-Tx-Rx software will fully automate Tx testing by requesting the DUT to change compliance patterns for each test, and the receiver calibration process is completely automated by allowing the oscilloscope to communicate directly with the PeRT3. This combination simplifies the test process and saves time. The QPHY-USB3.1-Tx-Rx software provides one unified interface for performing both Tx and Rx testing. Competitive solutions require different test environments and complex, multi-instrument setups which complicate the testing process and add cost.

Beyond USB 3.1 Physical Layer Testing

Teledyne LeCroy is the only test and measurement instrument provider that offers a complete line of USB 3.1 test solutions covering transmitter, receiver, protocol, and cable/connector compliance, characterization, and debug. All USB 3.1 testing can be accomplished with a single point of procurement and support. In addition to the transmitter/receiver test solution, the test suite also includes the Voyager M310C protocol analyzer and the SPARQ network analyzer.

The Voyager M310C is a multifunction platform with integrated USB Exerciser option supporting both host and device emulation up to 10 Gb/s line speed, which allows the user to transmit custom packets with low-level control of headers, payloads, timing and link states and error injection. Along with Type-C connectors, the Voyager M310C supports power delivery in analyzer and exerciser modes, including the ability to act as either source or sink as a power delivery end point.

The Teledyne LeCroy SPARQ Signal Integrity Network Analyzer can be used to measure insertion loss, impedance, and crosstalk measurements on USB 3.1 transmitters, receivers, and cables. The SPARQ is a TDR/TDT-based analyzer that easily measures S-parameters with just a single button press, and at a fraction of the cost of a VNA.

Teledyne LeCroy's coordinated USB 3.1 test solutions ensure the right support for every stage of development, debug and compliance.


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