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Hantek iDSO107024 June 2016 - Hantek released the first iPad WIFI oscilloscope iDSO1070 Series in China. It supports multi-touch operation, WIFI connection (or USB connection), WIFI Direct connection and via router. A build-in lithium battery allows operation during 4 hours without external power and floating measurement. It can connect iPad and iPhone at the same time. When operating on iPad, it can also be observed on iPhone. Good mechanical design with small size which is convenient for traveling. The outer case is made of anodized Aluminium.

In order to meet the requirements of most customers, the iDSO1070 does not only support IOS system, but also Android, Win10, Win8, Win7, VISTA, Windows NT and other operating systems.


  •   70MHz Bandwidth,Real-time Sampling Rate 250MSa/s
  •   More than 20 kinds of automatic measurement function, PASS/FAIL Check function, fit for engineering application.
  •   FFT spectrum analyzer
  •   Waveform averaging, afterglow, lightness control, reverse, add, subtract, multiply, divide, X-Y display.
  •   The waveform data can be output as EXCEL, BMP, JPG according to time and voltage.


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