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Keysight BenchVU3505 July 2016 - Keysight Technologies announced the latest release of its popular BenchVue software; an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for the PC. BenchVue provides multiple-instrument measurement applications, data capture and solution applications, without the need for instrument programming. BenchVue also supports data logging for instruments, such as oscilloscopes.

Today's bench-instrument users continue to demand a faster, simpler way to accomplish their most common tasks. Keysight's new BenchVue 3.5 accomplishes that task by further enhancing test automation for basic sequences.

Using BenchVue's Test Flow app, users can create automated test sequences in minutes without traditional instrument programming. The app combines BenchVue's data capture and analysis tools with the power of a sequencer. BenchVue 3.5 supports variables, math, and for users requiring instrument programming, the integration of Command Expert Sequences, providing designers with increased flexibility.

BenchVue 3.5 also features new apps that support signal generators, universal counters and Keysight's FieldFox Series of handheld analyzers. With these apps, BenchVue now supports over 450 Keysight instruments.

"Since its launch two years ago, BenchVue's use has grown exponentially," said Rod Unverrich, senior software programs manager with Keysight. "During that time, BenchVue has expanded from an easy-to-use productivity tool, to a powerful, modern and flexible software platform that supports most of Keysight's bench instrumentation. Our latest software release further enhances the platform's capabilities by allowing the creation of automated tests without programming. With this release, BenchVue reinforces its position as the leading software for controlling Keysight's instruments."

BenchVue software advances the way engineers interact with their instruments and their entire bench, from initial connection to analysis completion. By plugging an instrument into their PC over LAN, GPIB or USB, the instrument is automatically configured for use in BenchVue. No programming or separate instrument drivers are required, greatly accelerating common testing tasks. Data capture and export are accomplished with just a few clicks.

BenchVue's key features include:

  • Expandable apps that provide instrument control with plug and play functionality
  • Data logging for instruments, such as digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, power supplies and FieldFox analyzers
  • Rapid test automation development and analysis
  • 3-click exporting to common data formats, such as .csv, MATLAB, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel

U.S. Pricing and Availability

Keysight's new BenchVue 3.5 software is available now for download, free of charge, at www.keysight.com/find/benchvue. Upgrades designed to extend BenchVue's functionality are also available.


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