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TLC OMA26 September 2016 – Teledyne LeCroy announced two new products for testing optical links. The OE6250G O/E converter is a high performance optical-to-electrical converter available for real-time oscilloscopes, with 25 GHz of optical bandwidth. The IQS25 Coherent Optical Receiver joins the IQS product family as a lower-cost alternative to the high-performance IQS42 and IQS70 receivers, providing a high-value instrument for testing coherent links up to 32 Gbaud.

The OE6250G is a fully calibrated, DC-coupled 25 GHz Optical-to-Electrical converter - the first such instrument available. With a wide operating range of 800nm - 1600nm, it enables accurate acquisition of intensity-modulated optical signals on a real-time oscilloscope at baud rates of 28 Gbaud and beyond. For such applications, real-time oscilloscopes are gaining industry favor due to their inherent advantages in analysis and debug capability; the OE6250G enables users to leverage Teledyne LeCroy's class-leading feature set, including eye, jitter and noise analysis of NRZ and PAM4 signal types, on high-baud-rate optical signals. The OE6250G arrives in early 2017.

With 25 GHz of optical bandwidth, the new IQS25 Coherent Optical Receiver enables analysis of coherent signal types such as DP-QPSK and DP-16QAM to 32 Gbaud and beyond. When paired with a LabMaster 10-25Zi-A oscilloscope and Optical-LinQ software, the IQS25 offers a cost-effective solution for test and validation of 100G coherent optical links. As part of Teledyne LeCroy's industry-leading modular Optical Modulation Analyzer (OMA) family, an IQS25-based OMA system may be upgraded to 36 GHz or an industry-leading 65 GHz of system bandwidth for leading-edge applications.

Pre-integrated systems consisting of an IQS25 coherent receiver, LabMaster 10-25Zi-A oscilloscope, and Optical-LinQ software are available now, priced at approximately $250,000.


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