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BK Precision 2190E29 November 2016 - B&K Precision replaced their former 2190D bench digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) with the model 2190E. Offering the same measurement capabilities of the previous 2190D, the 2190E continues to add more features to the entry-level 100 MHz DSO. New upgrades include a higher resolution display and standard LAN interface at no additional cost.

The 2190E’s new 7” widescreen color display increases the previous model’s resolution from 480 x 234 to 800 x 480 pixels and offers a significantly larger viewing area than 5.7” screens typically found on economy scopes. The DSO provides 100 MHz bandwidth with 1 GSa/s sampling rate, waveform memory up to 40,000 points, pass/fail limit testing, digital filtering, and a waveform recorder. A USB host port is provided on the front panel to quickly save setup and waveform data, screenshots, or CSV files to a USB flash drive.

The newly added LAN interface is another feature not typically found in oscilloscopes at this price range and provides users another method of remote PC connectivity through software or SCPI commands. The DSO continues to offer standard USBTMC-compliant USB and RS232 interfaces. An optional USB-to-GPIB adapter can also be connected to the USB host port for GPIB connectivity.

For educators, the 2190E provides a context-sensitive help feature and the ability to disable the Auto Set button along with Measure and Cursor menus for training. Additional features include advanced triggering capabilities, 32 automatic measurements, and FFT function along with math functions to add, subtract, multiply, and divide input channels.

Available immediately, B&K Precision's 2190E 100 MHz DSO is listed at a price of $399.


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