Oscilloscope News

Peaktech 136002 December 2016 - Peaktech launched a new digital storage oscilloscope featuring 100MHz bandwith, 12 bit vertical resolution and a 8" touchscreen. In addition to the 2-channel oscilloscope a full digital multimeter for voltage, current, resistance and capacitance measurements is integrated. Additionally arbitrary waveforms can be outputted with the integrated 25MHz waveform generator.

Furthermore the instrument has a LAN interface for integration into networks and a USB interface for direct data transfer to the user's PC. Measurement data can also be saved directly to a USB storage device or to the internal memory with menu-controlled file manager. Also an external video monitor or display can be connected to the integrated VGA port, so the display size can be increased for a better visibility. In addition a  wireless LAN is integrated.

The oscilloscope is nearly identical to the OWON XDS3xxx series.


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