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CA DO2025B16 October 2017 - Chauvin Arnoux launched new 2-channel benchtop oscilloscopes. The simple-to-use METRIX DOX 2000B oscilloscopes offer numerous acquisition and analysis functions, as well as multiple communication interfaces. Designed for use in the lab, the DOX 2000B models nevertheless remain compact, transportable and simple to use.

Their 16/9-format panoramic colour TFT screen offers a resolution of 800x480 pixels. Users can customize the display: choice between normal or persistent display, YT or XY format, adjustment of the colours, graticule, brightness, contrast, etc. The menus of the HMI are available in 5 languages(English, French, Spanish, Italian, German), depending on your choice. The traditional navigation commands and settings are accessible on the front panel (rotary buttons and backlit keys).

There are also BNC connections for the 2 measurement channels, as well as a dedicated channel for the external trigger and a signal for probe calibration. To optimize data storage capacity, the USB HOST communication port allows to record onto a USB key. It also enables to connect an isolated probe for current measurement, such as the MH60 probe from Chauvin Arnoux.

High performance

The DOX 2000B Series oscilloscopes are equipped with 2 MB of extended memory backed by multiple acquisition and analysis modes with advanced trigger functions. Thanks to bandwidths ranging from 25 MHz to 100 MHz on 2 channels, a sampling frequency of 2 GS/s and a waveform memory with a maximum capacity of 1 Mpts/ channel (2 Mpts in interlaced mode), the DOX 2000B models offer the best quality/price trade-off on the market for oscilloscopes with a protective earth.

The display allows to view 32 measurements at the same time as the measurement dashboard.

Analysis is facilitated by the 32 standard automatic measurements selectable, which can be refined using the measurement cursors which may or may not be tied to the trace. The extensive range of advanced time parameters makes it possible to compare the signals on two separate channels and zoom on them if necessary. For more thorough analysis, the DOX 2000B models offer 5 mathematical functions for real-time analysis on 2 different displays: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and FFT. With all these functions, the DOX 2000B models are ideal for the needs of R&D teams and laboratories, thus meeting the requirements of manufacturers and teachers in technical education for:

  • development and adaptation of prototypes
  • production inspections and tests
  • electronics troubleshooting in the workshop, etc.

Three models are available:

  • DOX 2025B, bandwidth 25 MHz
  • DOX 2070B, bandwidth 70 MHz
  • DOX 2100B, bandwidth 100 MHz

Sampling rates

  • DOX 2025B: One-shot = 250 MS/s (2 channels), 500 MS/s (one channel) / Repetitive = 10 GS/s
  • DOX 2070B and DOX 2100B: One-shot = 500 MS/s (2 channels), 1 GS/s (one channel) / Repetitive = 50 GS/s Vertical sensitivity: 12 calibres from 2 mV – 10V/div


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