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GW GDS 1000B24 April 2020 - GW Instek added the GDS-1202B to its GDS-1000B series of digital oscilloscopes, which included so far 100/70/50MHz bandwidth options. The GDS-1202B is a 200MHz dual channel model intended to the educational market and users with basic test requirements.

The GDS-1000B series of general purpose oscilloscopes offers comprehensive functionalities, including 36 parameters measurement, cursor indication, digital voltage meter, and data logging, etc. The serial bus trigger and decoding function originally provided in higher-end oscilloscopes is now also a standard in the entire GDS-1000B series. Users who had already purchased the GDS-1000B series can obtain the function by upgrading the firmware to V1.27 or the newer version. At an affordable price, users can analyze I2C, SPI, UART, CAN, LIN serial bus trigger and decoding functions with an oscilloscope.

The maximum sampling rate for each single channel is 1GSa/s, and the memory depth is 10Mpts per channel independently. The waveform update rate is 50,000wfms/s, which helps users to precisely observe the detailed waveform variation. Additionally, 7” WVGA color LCD display and the 256 color gradient display function together allow waveforms to be observed with the senses of transparency and gradation. With respect to the horizontal time scale adjustment knob and trigger level adjustment knob, GW Instek provides a very thoughtful design ─the zero key function, which allows engineers to work more effectively.

For mathematical analysis mode, 1Mpts FFT signal display makes the dull frequency domain signal analysis more delicate. Diversified trigger functions, X-Y mode analysis, and Go/NoGo function arm the GDS-1000B series oscilloscope with higher level measurement technologies. The GDS-1000B series oscilloscope also provides OpenWave connection software, which allows users to conduct waveform observation and data storage controlled by remote PC via LAN or USB interface.


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