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Yokogawa DL95016 February 2021 - Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corporation announced the DL950 ScopeCorder, a high-precision data acquisition system. The DL950 is the successor to the DL850 and DL850V ScopeCorder series that were released in 2010, and features a number of enhancements that improve both functionality and operability. In addition, two new input modules are being released for the DL950; these are the 720212, which is capable of reading data at 200 mega-samples per second (MS/s), and the 720256, which can read data from four input channels at 10 MS/s. By the fall of this year, Yokogawa will also release an optional flash acquisition function for the storage of high-sampling-rate data in embedded non-volatile memory.

As the high-end model in the ScopeCorder series, which includes the DL350 portable model and the system-specialized SL1000, the DL950 will help to improve the efficiency of new product development in the automobile, mechatronics, and electronics industries. Yokogawa will offer the DL950 together with other products such as oscilloscopes and power analyzers to provide total solutions that help reduce power consumption and improve power conversion efficiency in customer’s products.

ScopeCorder series data acquisition systems combine the functions of oscilloscopes and data recorders, and have been widely used since the early 2000s for the development and maintenance of mechatronic equipment.

In recent years, there has been a growing demand in the electric vehicle and renewable energy markets for motors, inverters, and photovoltaic units that reduce power consumption and enable highly efficient power conversion. For the development of electric vehicles, for example, it is necessary to simultaneously acquire control signals, communication data, and NVH signals at multiple points over long timeframes.

Up to five DL950 units can be connected for synchronized measurement, making it possible to simultaneously measure and display weight, pressure, displacement, vibration, torque, and other parameters for the analysis of correlations among data. The addition of the two new input modules also allow the DL950 to meet high-speed multi-input measurement demands.

The ScopeCorder series utilizes common input modules, and the DL950 can also use previously offered modules.


  • Design and evaluation of electric and electronic circuits
  • Simultaneous measurement of analog signals in car electronics including change trends in CAN, CAN FD, and other such information sent over an in-vehicle bus in CASE development, and battery power consumption
  • Electrical analysis and control signal evaluation in power electronics
  • Simultaneous measurement and evaluation of temperature, vibration, and other mechanical signals that change relatively slowly as well as mechatronic and other such high-speed control signals


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