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Tek USB C20 May 2021 – Tektronix announced three new testing solutions for USB Type-C. The new transmitter automated test solutions are designed to meet the demanding requirements of next-generation technologies for large, rapid data transfers and low-latency video displays. Tektronix USB4, Thunderbolt 4 and DisplayPort 2.0 automated compliance and debugging solutions address the most common challenges design engineers face, including test time, signal integrity and Device Under Test (DUT) control.

The solutions also boast physical layer electrical testing and characterization, which is crucial for designers to comply with the next-generation standards over the USB-C connector.

“These solutions easily integrate into custom test environments and will enable our customers to test and debug USB4 designs that go into any device with a USB4 or TBT4 port –– from laptops to tablets and cell phones to televisions,” says Matt Ochs, general manager at Tektronix. “The results will be faster charging times and data transfers, plus a sleek new design that allows connection of up to six devices in parallel.”

The new USB4 standard increases data transfer rates up to eight times faster than the USB 3.0 standard and delivers fast and secure 100W USB-C charging. DisplayPort 2.0 is set to triple data bandwidth performance compared to the DisplayPort 1.4 and includes 16K video resolution, higher refresh rates, and improved user experience with augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) displays.

Key offerings include:

  Tektronix USB4 solution

  •   Compliant with the USB4 Specification Ver1.0 and USB4 Router Assembly Electrical Compliance Test Specification Rev 1.0
  •   Completes both Lane 0 and Lane 1 Transmitter tests without flipping the USB Type-C connector or USB4 High-Speed fixture

  Tektronix TBT3 and TBT4 solutions

  •   Supports all 4 data rates (10G, 10.3G, 20G & 20.6G)
  •   Provides automatic DUT control support both TenLira/TDT (Intel’s scripts) and USB4 ETT

  Tektronix DisplayPort 2.0

  •   Offers a pre-compliance solution with Tektronix’s Proposed measurement for the Ultra High Bit Rate (UHBR) speeds
  •   Supports the P76xx tri-mode probe with multiple probe tip options

  The TekExpress Signal Validation feature validates compliance pattern to ensure result accuracy

  The TekExpress Pre-Recorded mode supports offline analysis and baseline for future specification changes


Tektronix USB4, TBT4, and DP2.0 solutions are now available worldwide for use with DPO/MSO70000SX/DX oscilloscopes with 23 GHz bandwidth and above, and 100 GS/s sample rate. The scope setup can additionally be used for USB2.0/USB3.2/DP1.2/DP1.4 testing, providing a single test station for the USB, TBT and DP.


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