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Micsig DP700031 May 2024 - Micsig released the latest model of its high-voltage differential probe - the DP7000. This new model, building on the performance of the original MDP series, has further increased the test voltage from the original 3000 Vpk to 7000 Vpk, bringing a more powerful measurement tool to the field of electronic testing.

The DP7000's biggest highlight lies in its significant increase in test voltage. The breakthrough from the original 3000Vpk to 7000Vpk not only expands the application range of the probe but also provides engineers working in fields such as high-voltage power systems and industrial motor drives with a more powerful testing option. Whether in the laboratory or in complex industrial sites, the DP7000 can work stably to ensure the safety and accuracy of the test.

Main features:

  • Up to 7000 V differential voltage (DC + AC peak)
  • 100 MHz bandwidth
  • High accuracy, high CMRR
  • Standard BNC interface, works with all oscilloscopes


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