Oscilloscope News

Tiepie usb Oscilloscope Software11 May 2015 - TiePie engineeing offers the newversion 1.32.1 of the Multi Channel oscilloscope software for download. A demo version is also available, which can be used without connecting measuring instruments. Many changes have been made to add new functionality and to improve basic operations in the software.

To simplify setting up measurements, a measurement templates system has been added to the Multi Channel oscilloscope software, containing a large number of measurement templates. A measurement template contains the basic settings for a specific measurement. After loading it, that specific measurement can be performed and the measurement results are displayed in the appropriate way. The templates are selected and loaded via an intuitive and easy to use selection dialog. Simply browse through the tree to find the measurement you want to perform and load it. Additional information on the measurement is given in the information pane in the dialog.

For some Handyscope USB oscilloscopes a new driver (version 7.2.1) is required which fixes some issues. The new drivers can be downloaded from the download pages of the instruments.


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