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Bitscope MP02A14 April 2015 - The new BitScope Micro Port 02 (MP02A) is an in-line mixed signal I/O adapter for BitScope Micro. It can be used to connect standard oscilloscope probes and BNC terminated cables to BitScope Micro. Any oscilloscope probe with 1:1, 10:1 or other attenuation ratio can be used. It supports active differential, current or any other probe which is BNC terminated and designed for an oscilloscope.

Its compact in-line design with built-in header connectivity for all of BitScope's I/O makes it well suited to building data acquisition and automated test systems.

It also supports simultaneous use of the logic inputs and connection to the waveform and clock generator outputs. The adapter allows 1:1, 10:1, 100:1 and other standard attenuating oscilloscope probes to be used as well as current, differential or any other BNC terminated sensor designed for use with 1MΩ/20pF oscilloscope inputs.

The BNC socket is supplied with ring nuts and washers so MP02A can be bench mounted. The logic, waveform generator and clock signals appear on the 10-pin header mounted behind the BNC socket so anything BitScope Micro can do can also be done when the adapter is connected. A terminator is included to select from CHA, the waveform generator or Logic Channel 4 as the signal used for BNC channel.


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