Oscilloscope News

BitScope micro USB oscilloscope - Prototyping board08 June 2015 - BitScope introduced low cost Micro Snap prototyping boards for BitScope Micro. These little boards are designed to plug into and (optionally) be powered by BitScope Micro. The board can be used to build all sorts of simple circuits for prototyping and educational purposes. BitScope Micro oscilloscope can be used to visualise circuit operation and explain to students how the electronic components work together.

Micro Snap is also ideal for customized solutions for common signal conditioning problems in test, measurement and data acquisition. For example, it's often necessary to attenuate, isolate or condition input signals in some way prior to measuring them. BitScope Micro can of course use probes designed for standard oscilloscopes but using Micro Snap makes it easy to roll own solutions.

Also new is BitScope Blade, an industrial power and rack mount system for physical computing. It's custom designed to build scalable solutions for networked connected test, measurement and data acquisition.

Two versions are available called Quattro Pi and Duo Pi with four and two Raspberry Pi per blade. One Raspberry Pi can power up to four BitScope Micro to create an 8 analog and 24 logic/timing channel solution. When combined with BitScope Blade this can be scaled to 32 + 96 channels using just 4 Raspberry Pi and 16 BitScope Micro.


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