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Teledyne WaveRunner 6Zi05 August 2015 – Teledyne LeCroy announced the addition of UNIPRObus D, a MIPI UniPro Protocol Decode solution, to its oscilloscope-based MIPI capabilities. UNIPRObus D provides customers with easy-to-use debug of their UniPro signals. Similar to existing MIPI MPHY decoding capability, UniPro Decode supports HS GEAR1, GEAR2 and GEAR3, and PWM Mode (G0-G7) signaling for comprehensive data rate coverage.

Along with a very intuitive method of displaying decoded data, Teledyne LeCroy UNIPRObus D offers the ability to decode UNIPRO signals across four lanes. These four lanes can be a combination of simultaneous up- and/or downstream data. Uniquely to the Teledyne LeCroy solution, decoded data can also be seen in two interactive color-coded tables, providing both frame-level and symbol-level information. Touching a frame in the table correlates it with the annotated waveform, and automatically zooms in to show greater detail.

Comprehensive MIPI Test Toolset

The UNIPRObus D decode package joins a comprehensive and growing set of MIPI analysis, conformance, and debug tools available for Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes. Protocol decode packages are available for UniPro, M-PHY, D-PHY, and DigRF 3G and v4, while the unique MPHYbus DP and DPHYbus DP software packages enable seamlessly-integrated physical layer analysis and protocol decodes of MIPI M-PHY and D-PHY signals.

Teledyne LeCroy offers end-to-end conformance test capabilities for MIPI protocols. QPHY-MIPI-MPHY and QPHY-MIPI-DPHY software options perform fully automated M-PHY and D-PHY transmitter testing and report generation using Teledyne LeCroy's user-friendly QualiPHY environment running directly on the oscilloscope. And the Teledyne LeCroy PeRT3 (Protocol-enabled Receiver and Transmitter Tolerance Tester) offers MIPI M-PHY receiver test capability for all high-speed and PWM GEARs, including auto-calibration and margin testing for high-speed GEARs.

For higher-level protocol analysis, the Teledyne LeCroy Eclipse X34 is a highly-portable and comprehensive analysis tool to display and analyze M-PHY data traffic. The Eclipse X34 supports a growing number of higher-level protocols including mPCIE and SSIC, running at PWM GEARS 0-7 and HS GEARs 1-3 at up to x4 lane width. The challenges of probing have been addressed through a wide variety of probing connectivity options, including SMA, multi-lead solder- down tapping, M.2 form factor interposer and a special mid-bus probe designed for M-PHY.

Pricing and Availability

UNIPRObus D has a US List price of $3,000, and is available on a wide variety of Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes. Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscope users who have already purchased MPHYbus D or MPHYbus DP options can upgrade to the capability of UNIPRObus D at a US List price of $1,500 – the part number is UPG-MPHY-UNIPRObus D for new customers, or RK-UPG-MPHY-UNIPRObus D for existing oscilloscope owners.

UNIPRObus D is available on WaveRunner 6Zi, WavePro 7Zi, WaveMaster 8Zi, LabMaster 9Zi and LabMaster 10Zi oscilloscopes with 4 GHz or higher bandwidth, running firmware version 7.8.x or later.


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