Oscilloscope News

Hantek Pen Oscilloscope10 August 2015 - Qingdao Hantek launched the new USB pen storage oscilloscope series PSO2020. The pen storage oscilloscope has a maximum safe voltage of 500V and it can measure voltages in the range of ±50V and features a 20MHz bandwidth. It includes a DVM with 3 bit resolution and a frequency counter function with 5 bit resolution. The measurement of DVM and frequency counter is irrelevant to the trigger system.

The pen storage oscilloscope adopts the original knob structure of a normal benchtop oscilloscope through three buttons and a knob. A built-in LED light provides better light condition and relieves the visual fatigue especially when the engineer measures chip pins in the dark environment.

The oscilloscope has a one-click save and print function, to print the measurement result in the form of measurement report on A4 paper or generate PDF documents. It could achieve the waveform record and following analysis, satisfy the engineer’s measurement requirements extremely.

The product supports all the series operation system of Windows, power supplied by USB port.


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