Oscilloscope News

Hantek 2000series11 April 2019 - Hantek Electronics Co., Ltd. released the Hantek 2000 series of multi-function handheld oscilloscopes. The Hantek 2000 series combines the functions of an oscilloscope, multimeter, and signal generator. The software combines the functions of a digital voltmeter and a data logger. It is powerful and compact, with a single hand grip.

Hantek 2000 series features 2 channels with 40 MHz or 70 MHz bandwidth, 250 MSa/s and an integrated DMM function. Optional a waveform generator function for signals up to 25 MHz with 250 MSa/s sampling rate and 12 bits vertical resolution is available.

Large-capacity Lithium Battery

The 2000 series includes replaceable lithium battery power system and can be recharged by 5V/2A current or via an ordinary computer USB port. Measurement can be done even while charging. After a recharge of 2 hours, the device can be used continuously for a full day or standby more than two months.

Powerful PC software

The oscilloscope software includes powerful functions: 20 kinds of automatic measurement, cursor measurement, waveform printing and saving functions, REF and Math functions, Pass / Fail functions.


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