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Hantek TO100009 September 2022 - Hantek released a new generation of the TO1000 series multi-function full touch screen oscilloscope. The new TO1000 series oscilloscope has a thin body, is light weight and easy to carry. Its unique hanging design enables a hands-free operation. The instrument integrates oscilloscope, multimeter, signal generator and spectrum analyzer. The built in large capacity battery offers long endurance and supports fast charging.

Main features:

  • Integrates multiple functions: digital storage oscilloscope, arbitrary function signal generator, high-precision multimeter, data recorder, frequency meter, FFT spectrum analyzer.
  • Four channel digital storage oscilloscope: Bandwidth up to 250MHz, 1GSa/ s high sampling rate, 8M large storage depth; Edge, slope, pulse width, video, timeout and other triggers; up to 42 measurement functions.
  • Function of arbitrary function signal generator: output frequency up to 25MHz, 12bit high resolution, 200Ms / s high sampling rate; Built in a variety of arbitrary waves, support AM / FM modulation, output high resistance and low resistance can be switched.
  • Digital multimeter function: AC and DC voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, diode, on-off measurement; The multimeter has its own data recording function, which can monitor and record the changes of voltage, current, resistance and other data for a long time and generate a trend chart.
  • Suspension foot and hands-free: Unique suspension foot design, free hands; It can be used and put at any time. It is anti falling and anti-seismic, sturdy and durable.
  • High power and long endurance: built in 10000mah detachable lithium battery; Full power, long endurance and standby time of up to half a year. Supports multiple fast charging protocols. Standard 18W charger for fast charging. The type-C interface is compatible with mobile phones and can share a set of charging equipment.


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